I'd like to loop . . . . . and synchronous cuts

The wyleu foot box is creeping ever closer to the straw encrusted floor of the Railway Inn, just the encoders to connect.

It’s based on the portable amp . . .

A Build with variations

It’s an ‘old’ 3+
just put b

It’s been bouncing around at the bottom of my work bag for a while and I was pleased to see it fire up with no problem ( @riban do we have a ruggedised test for that sort of abuse…?)

What it did have on it apart from about 500 wav test files was a rather nice loop of john bonham esq drumming now it plays for just long enough to get the blood moving and then stops … . .

So I came to think about how with our existing GUI implementation we might prepare a zynth interface for the audio recorder/player option that would have a variable loop point.

Or present looping method casts the whole issue to an operating system process and runs in asynchronously, but given my video background I yearn for the clean synchronous frame accurate cut and wonder if one could arrange a similar synchronous audio cut so that you have a jack based repeatably accurate ‘edit’.
Having watched the smash and grab nature of video recording from the front panel of Big VTR’s move to the subtlety of the cleanly edited packages that drove so much creativity, I’d be fascinated to know where such a simple GUI could go next in the looping accompanying floor singers social meilleur . . .

Actually, the first requirement would b an ACCURATE time start after audiopreload.
A Cue facility . . .
How would you bolt that into the jack infrastructure to make it precise?