Improved ZynAddSubFX engine controllers

Hi @Zynthianers!

In the last weeks i’ve been really busy and i had no time for zynthian software development, but finally i got a few hours for crossing out some tasks from my list :wink:

So this is the first => Improve the ZynAddSubFX engine controllers:

  • velocity sesitivity & offset
  • portamento velocity & up/down stretch
  • depth adjustment for modulation, resonance, bandwidh, filter Q & cutoff
  • exponential mode for modulation & bandwidth

The changes are in the master branch, so you only need to “update software” and “restart GUI” from the admin menu.

WARNING: this update breaks the compatibility with snapshots containing ZynAddSubFX layers. Some controllers won’t be restored when loading because have changed its name.

Finally, i’m not very happy with the organization of controller screens. Perhaps some of you would like to think about it and propose a better one :wink:



What don’t you like about the controller screens?

The way they are grouped. I’m not sure of being too coherent, and certainly it’s not the most ergonomic nor useful. I would like to have a good criteria (or criteria set) and more use-case feedback, etc.

There are use differences between (say) the ZynAddSubFx. Would user selection of parameters lead to people placing the controls they want grouped together or would the implementation of that simply lead to a complex feature that nobody used?

I think is too complex right now. I would prefer to find a good controllers layout, coherent and ergonomic for everybody :wink:

I had just suggested in proposal for a UI addition, that a secondary layer of “undocumented” features that violate the layout rules could be treated as hidden Easter Eggs.

An example could be activated as simple as rotating control 4 while holding control 2 switch as a modifier key.