Knobs not working

I just booted my new v3 kit. The display works, and I set the hardware kit to v3 using the web interface, but the controllers still aren’t working. Attached is a picture of the wiring. What to do?

Could login via ssh and send the output of this command:

gpio i2cd

I want to add a diagnostics script in the webconf, but until now you have to do it by hand …

Also, please check this entry:


Thanks! I didn’t see that entry because I was searching on controllers vs encoders. The gpio output is exactly as you have in the example, with the 20 on 0,20 and UU on d,40. Also, the jumpers seem to be there. I am wondering if the problem is with my power supply. I’m using the usb c output of my osx laptop, and it’s probably not correct. I will order a raspberry pi 3 power supply.

Trying an update…

…and IT WORKS! Although I’m not completely sure the update completed… seems to have completed, not seeing any update scripts still running. Looks like the problem is solved! Now to get some sounds out it and configure to work with the keytar!