Latest musical "effort" 🧐 .. Thanks Zynthian

To record this piece by Pino Daniele I send the memory of my iMac to 100%… but with the help of the Zynthian I got down to 90%.
Zynthian: Rhodes, DX7, 5strings Bass
Omnisphere: Slap bass
Native Instruments: All Brass
Omnisphere: Acoustic Guitar
Arturia: Moog solo
Arturia: Pads
EZDrummer: Drum
Voice: (unfortunately) mine
I hate electronic drums… but I had to settle for waiting for a drummer who knows how to redo what Tullio dePiscopo recorded (wonder of wonders).

As always, I welcome criticism and advice. Thank you

UPLOAD! Changed the drum sound and fixed the Moog solo @Wyleu docet
UPLOAD2Transferred the midi tracks into audio tracks, inserted EddieKramer in the voice (which in the first part is out of time … to be redone), added Zynthian DX7 and removed the “fast” notes in the trumpets @ricard docet
UPLOAD3 Set the voice in time (but I have to do it again) and fix the trumpets…


I’d probably pace it a little faster but the lyric would then become a little crazed.
The solo’s need attention on the trailing of the rif, perhaps get them more languid and sensual.

But Amazing. Really impressive. Good voice !
Far better than anything I’ve put together outside of a studio.

What keyboard are you driving the zynth from? And which order did you build things up ?
Drums first? then which instruments next?


Thanks Wyleu.
Being a pianist myself, I first record the piano… in this case a Rhodes, then I put in the bass lines. If I like everything, I start inserting keyboards and various sounds… Drums (being my Achilles heel I record it last…) are my weakest point… I don’t know how to play them decently and I absolutely don’t know how to program midi drums…
For the speed of the piece, you have to consider that in addition to using reversed chords that I’ve been studying for a few months, the piece is in Neapolitan… so it’s difficult for me (I’m from the North) to pronounce it. But I have a Neapolitan friend who gave me a grade for pronunciation and it’s a 7…
To play the Zynthian I use an M-Audio 88 key Master keyboard.
There are some notes to fix and then I mix it better, then I always hope for the collaboration of some drummer in the world… there are none here…
Many thanks.

How do you keep time when you put the piano in?

Like the acoustic guitar . Was it keyboards?

Solo flows nicely now…!

DAW metronome (hard work…much better playing with a drummer)…sometimes I just do the chord rests and then play the piano part more rhythmically on another track…
Acoustic guitar by Omnisphere… I tried to make the chords with the notes not all aligned so that it looks like a pick hit on the strings.

I heard the mp3 file was corrupted…now I replaced it.

Another thing that helps me while recording is singing… no words… just na na na na na :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Another thing… in the mp3 file the DX7 is that of Arturia… but I have to do it again with the Zynthian which has a wonderful DX7 that Arturia dreams of…

What does EZDrummer offer? How is the interface presented?

The sounds are beautiful, you can humanize, the grid appears in the window where you can write the notes. You can download the file as audio or midi… and a thousand other things I haven’t learned yet…

Do you write a score down first for the piano?

This is a piece by Pino Daniele… I write down the chords and then go by ear…
Chillo é nu buono guaglione.pdf (54.6 KB)

@Lanfranco : “Last musical effort”

What ??

Are you joking ??

:rofl: :rofl:

“Effort” is written in quotation marks… It’s a struggle to play and record it, not to compose it… Pino is sacred to me.

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He probably means “latest”, not “last”. It’s a common “false friend” from the Italian “ultimo”, which may mean either.


He is to many of us. One of a kind. :heart:

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Google translate… sorry.

Don’t apologise, we have learnt something due to your efforts.

Did you learn that a 61 year old who started working at 15 doesn’t know English??? :rofl: :rofl: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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My daughter has learnt Latin from language apps, and is now learning Italian, which given the English’s famous reticence about learning languages is a very positive development.

My son is conversant in Norwegian.

No one knows why…

I love Italian and many of its dialects. I only use a few words in English when making international connections with my radio station… If I had the head to learn a language, I think I would learn Russian (this has nothing to do with the situation in Europe now). My big dream? An evening at the Bolshoji Theater in Moscow… I come from classical music…
It’s right that young people learn other languages… your children are good.
Thanks Wyleu…
… e grazie mille Nicola.


“Last” can be used to mean “most recent”. Obviously it is ambiguous because it also means the final one although that tends to relay to deceased or retired people. My I hope my last song is not my last song!


Cursed Tower of Babel… but Music has no misinterpretation of words… luckily.