Latest musical "effort" 🧐 .. Thanks Zynthian

I think the time has come to delve deeper into this topic on which I am very ignorant… thanks for the information @jofemodo
The audio file does not work. Ciao

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It works for me!

Hi @Lanfranco !

It’s an amazing journey that i started many years ago. Now i stopped a little bit, because being a daddy and developing zynthian almost takes all my time, but i hope to continue my journey some day, jeje! Hopes! :wink:

This resumes quite nicely the main binary (4/4) clave patterns:

I would say “rumberos” don’t make a difference between 2/3 or 3/2, with the singer starting the phrases in the 2 or the 3, following his feeling of the moment or the “quinto” phrases, etc. It’s very fluid and the distinction is more an academic thing.

In the other hand, 2/3 or 3/2 distinction is quite important when speaking of “clave de son”. Salsa, for instance, always have a 2/3 feeling while “son” normally have 3/2 feeling. Sometimes, the feeling can change when the montuno enters, going from 3/2 to 2/3 feeling, although the clave is normally not broken in the way.

Regarding the last one, it’s first time i see this “chitlins con carne” title, but it’s without a doubt the samba (bossa) clave.

BTW, if you click the zynthian “audio demo”, you can listen a sublime example of 12/8 clave, from Papito Angarica with the Abbilona group. Well it begins in 4/4 with a long pray and you must wait for the “change” to “tui-tui”, that is anticipated several times. Crazy music! As i told you, i can be quite boring :rofl:



Now it works for me too. Thank you

I wish all posts were so boring… Interesting and educational. Thanks @jofemodo

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I don’t love the blues… don’t beat me up… but I wanted to record this song to have another somewhat fast piece among all the slow ones by Vinicio Capossela. This is the sixth song on the CD dedicated to him… it’s the first time I’ve recorded a Blues and I had a lot of fun with the horns…

All’una e trentacinque circa (Vinicio Capossela) UPDATE
Piano: PianoteQ
Brass: Native Instruments
Double bass: SWAM
Guitar: Omnisphere
Drums: EZ Drummer


Really good, but we are used to now with your productions :smile:

While talking of claves, Music for pieces of wood is one of my favorite from Steve Reich

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By now you are used to HEROICALLY SUPPORTING my productions!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
but I insist, because I have had a lot of constructive criticism that helps me improve. Many thanks.



I wanted to record this song by Mina to try to use Waves Harmony in the choruses, on the voice… but it was so bad that in the end I recorded the countervoice directly… it’s useless… there is no machine that can match human capabilities… even my meager abilities… :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

E’ Natale (Mina) UPLOAD!! with percussion

Zynthian: Rhodes, bass, guitar
Rhythmic guitar: Nicola (Ibanez)
Ominsphere: Choir, guitar solo
Arturia: Hammond
Pigments: Synth
EZDrummer: Drums,Percussion


Another “game” on this rainy day and 12 degrees despite July…
I recorded this wonderful song by P.F.M. I apologize for the voice… mine barely reaches the F#5 that this song requires…
but this time I used a REAL bass and guitar… so bass and guitar players forgive my playing… it was a game.

Maestro della voce (P.F.M.)

Zynthian: Hammond
Arturia: MiniMoog
Yamaha: Bass (with smooth strings), Guitar
EZDrummer: Drums


Excellent… Now how about Celebration?

E’ Festa (original title)… it’s one of my favorite songs… I do the Moog parts and I created a very similar sound with Arturia’s MiniMoog… but who can play the bass and guitar for me??? I’m a terrible guitarist…and bassist… and vocalist… and pianist… :joy:

Dear @wyleu here you are served…
I used MIDI guitar, bass and drums because I wouldn’t be able to do something like this… I also recorded the piano parts taking 4 or 8 or max 16 bars… I wouldn’t be able to do it all together. I put an Arturia piano on the solo piano part… The Moog is my beloved Arturia MiniMoog… It took me two days and a night to record it… As usual, I didn’t make it exactly the same but I put a bit of my soul into it… very little… :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

E’ festa “Celebration” (P.F.M) REMIXED because you couldn’t hear the guitar and the piano was too loud
The live song is at 140 BPM… so I sped it up… I admit in all honesty that at 140 BPM I could only have done the Moog part… Not the piano…

Pianoteq: Piano
Arturia Augmented piano: Piano synth
Pigments: Pad
Arturia MiniMoog: Moog
Omnisphere: Choir

MIDI Parts:
Omnisphere: 5 strings Bass
Omnisphere + GTR : Electric Guitar
EZDrummer: Drums



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Many thanks Chris :star_struck:

Excellent (as usal I would say). I really enjoy discovering all these italian songs.
The last one posted in “Music is the best” is also very good .


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Thank you very much @le51… I don’t feel like I’ve played this last PFM song… I recorded it in pieces… too difficult for me. The only part I can do without mistakes is the Moog part… The rhythmic piano at that speed (have you seen my UPLOAD?) I can’t hold it.

The song on You Tube is from the “Banco del mutuo soccorso”. one of the many historic Italian groups (listen to AREA).

I love these groups not because they are Italian… but because good Italian music (only the good one) is contaminated by a thousand influences, from Arab, Spanish culture etc etc. all peoples who brought something good beyond the war… Naples is an explosive mixture of all the cultures that have passed through there and in my opinion it is the “Ombelico Mundi” of music. Also listen to Italian jazz musicians… feel the Mediterranean in their sounds. Less technique and more heart and soul. :heart:

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I insert vocalism and Piccolo Flute…

Another song by P.F.M. to fix… Unfortunately my voice no longer reaches high enough… Too many cigars… :zipper_mouth_face:

Impressioni di Settembre (P.F.M.)

Zynthian : Rhodes
Arturia : Moog, Arp2600, Pigments, Hammond
Ibanez + GTR : Guitar (Lanfranco)
Omnisphere: Bass
EZDrummer: Drums

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