Looper as effect layer?

Could a looper be considered an effect layer? If we could run a PD patch as an effect layer we’d be in business. I’m still working on Mach 1 of my PD synth (must. Draw. Line. and just play it) but the looper idea is pencilled in for mach 2…


That’s a cool idea. It would be really nice to be able to insert midi effects as layers before the synth layer.

If it’s an audio looper, this is possible, although PD engine currently is limited to “non effect” layers. It should be extended.

Regarding MIDI effects, it would require a good amount of work. The current “state of things” doesn’t allow such a thing at all. But you can use MOD-UI for that purpose …


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I’m sure New looper installs as an effect already doesn’t it?