LV2-plugins: links outdate/404

As a new Zynthianist I wanted to try them all, those LV2-plugins.
Unfortunately, some links are broken.
Where is the build-in list maintained and how could I help to fix?

What links do you mean?

In http://zynthian.local/sw-jalv-lv2 there is a URL for each LV2-plugin

These are not urls. Don’t try to follow them. LV2 are identified by URIs, that seems UrRLs, but are not

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Hi @mager33 ,

Do you mean:

  1. those that are directly usuable from the zynthian “stock” image
  2. those that are added when updating LV2 plugin’s list from the webconf ? (it takes a looong time to update the list)

As an Open Source project, Zynthian is freely available here.

And if you’re not a developer, as I am, feel free to contribute positively like this :+1:

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