Maybe a way of multitrack recording on zynthian

Just wanted to keep this on the radar, this might allow us to record into multiple tracks when recording in the zynthian.

Lossless compression on the fly might trade-off bottlenecks, perhaps if there was an idle core, one forum observation:
“With FLAC you’ll gain about 20 to 40% in size, but you can only use REAPER (the only known DAW to record to FLAC)”
A test of Reaper on a Raspberry Pi 4 might provide a point.

Another reference point is this article on recording, using a 4Mb Pi 4, running a 64 bit system, recording to an SSD drive. It suggests reliable multi track recording might not just a matter of dropping in a plugin.

I did some work a while ago on a multitrack recorder on the Pi. The main constraint seemed to be the write speed of the flash drive. I may resurrect that code for Zynthian. I don’t think we necessary need a full DAW. We already have the plug-in system. Some more routing and maybe mixing and a recorder module and we could have quite a useful tool.


there is a great perl project called “nama” which makes use of ecasound to build a complete multitrack DAW from the command line !
If it is not usable as is in Zynthian, maybe it can serve as an inspiration. you can ask the current maintainer Joel Roth, he can tell you more.

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Not sure if already a feature, but is recording one channel at a time while playing back some already recorded audio from another channel possible?
Even with only 2 stereo or 4 mono channels, that would be quite amazing to have a zynthian box for piecing together some musical ideas easily.