MicroDexed - DX7 to go

They arrived. Any UK guys fancy a DEXED board, let me know.


Does it have both midi and sound usb channels? How does the web UI connect? Looks amazing

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since we have only 1 usb-host port you can connect only one device - maybe it is working with a hub, i have not tried it.
usb audio is for all internal generated sound. so you connect teensy internal micro-usb to pc and either a usb midi keyboard/controller, game pad etc. to usb-host.

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I really would like to build a Microdexed touch. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a full DIY Kit to order so I decided some weeks ago to order another amazing Teensy synthesizer project called Jeannie (Also presented here in Zynthian forum: https://discourse.zynthian.org/t/jeannie-8-voice-polyphonic-diy-synthesizer/ )
Ok, for the full kit you pay a bit more (like Zynthian full kit). You get pre soldered ICs on the PCB and very nice blue case. All remaining parts are included in the full kit and you have to build and solder a whole day with a very well illustrated manual.
If there would exist something similar with all parts like Zynthian and Jeannie I would order a Microdexed touch.

I have 5 pcb’s. I am slowly gathering parts.

I would take a Microdexed PCB. What is the price for letter from UK to Germany? Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello friends! How to connect a midi controller and manage settings on MicroDexed ? For example Korg nanokontrol.

Hi @rozhok ,

just connect your equipment to the USB-Host port of the Teensy (the connector is unsoldered on the Teensy-3.6/4.x, look here).

MicroDexed currently has a fixed CC mapping (see page 31) (I will implement a CC matrix later).

Does this answer your question?

Thanks a lot!

Hello everyone, how to make an arduino midi controller to control midi CC parameters by midi din5 in Micro-DEXED?I looked a lot on the Internet. I didn’t find anything.

It’s really not too complicated if you have a MIDI shield for the Arduino. You can use the excellent library from FortySevenEffects.

A small problem is that the Arduino has only one serial (hardware) interface, which you also need for programming. I always used the SoftwareSerial library for the MIDI interface (look at this example). Hint: take a deeper look at the examples. If you encounter problems while trying around, you can ask me.

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Dave from Notes and Volts has some neat aruino midi controller projects!

Notes and Volts: Arduino MIDI Controller: Potentiometers

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Thanks, I’ll figure it out. It’s hard after a heart attack, I can’t concentrate, but I need to train my memory. I’ll try to do it.

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Control Surface might be a better choice for making a controller.

Thank you very much, Friends!!!

All the best for you!

Just an idea for easy building MIDI controllers:

… and another one: very flexible, not DIY and more expensive than DIY - but very cool:

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Hellohello friends! Am I making a midi controller to control micro-dexed correctly?