MicroDexed - DX7 to go


Got a first running/sound producing implementation of the MDA-EPiano on the TeensyMIDIAudio board running :smile:


Woaoooo! Do you think it can be packaged with the MicroDexed and switch from one to the other? This would be really great!!


Maybe… I had to put the sample data from the EP into PROGMEM. If the Dexed code will also fit, this may work.

Regards, Holger


Omfg! It’s amazing and great news. Esp32 cost 4x less than teensy here in Brazil and I have a extra DAC 5102 to try and play when I finish my zynthian.


New news from nyh (the guy who tries to get Dexed running on the ESP32):
It seems that the ESP32 currently only can compute up to 6 voices simultaniously. This can be a problem due to the used audio stack or the FPU of the ESP32 (which may be not as powerful as the one inside the Teensy).

This is a little bit frustrating, because the Teensy-3.6 can produce 16 voices simultaniously (maybe more - later perhaps also a split with two or more sounds)…

Regards, Holger


For those who own a working TeensyMIDIAudio (soon?): MicroMDAEpiano (note: ALPHA state).

Regards, Holger


Kit received ! I will start soldiering next week and hope to have that FM sound soon after that
Thanks @C0d3man


@C0d3man I was preparing to make a DX7 clone or emulator, than I found Dexed and Zynthian. I was considering making something smaller and cheaper, than I found MicroDexed. Thank you a lot, all hail open source.

Do you think would be feasible to implement a split function (two patches at the same time, 8 voices each, splitting the keyboard in half)? And also basic functions like hold (plays a key pressed once, till you press another one)? I did a quick view at the code, just tell me if it’s worth for me to invest time in studying it.

This stuff just to use MicroDexed in live performances and jams.

Great buddy


Hi @scipione205,

Thanks, but I am standing on the shoulders of giants. I completely reused the Dexed engine and took much advantage from the Teensy audio stack.

Yes and Yes. :slight_smile:

Splitting is on my roadmap. Currently the code must be organized better… it works, but it’s not really nice. The Teensy has enough RAM to start a second engine of Dexed with an other voice - perhaps with more than 8 notes per voice…

It should not be a big problem and I would be very happy if you want to help :smile:
Current steps for this would be:

  • Add a second audio queue
  • Add a Mixer4 object and virtually patch both queues to the Mixer4 and the output of the Mixer4 towards the effects
  • Create a second Dexed engine which uses the second queue
  • Decide where to put the split point an route the MIDI messages corresponding

I hope to cleanup the code until mid February.

Regards, Holger


Ok I think I will start next week. Fisrt I will take a look at Dexed documentation that maybe it’s more complete.