MicroDexed - DX7 to go


Nope. Never used it on Linux. On W10 I made two panels for other synths without problems (excluding the usual curses to make it work).
And never tried the specific DX7 Panel. I used the other panels I posted, tho.


I’ve used CTRLR on linux, It’s pretty much uncompilable at the moment so you have to use the pre-compiled binaries, which are x86(_64) only.


Ok, thanks. Will try this soon.


Short update: I’m still waiting for some LCD displays. Then the documentation has to be extended a bit and afterwards 5 MicroDexed kits could go out. Price is not fixed yet, but the first kits will be “cheap”. In addition to the kit you need: 1 * Teensy-3.6 (best with soldered pin headers) , 1 * Teensy-Audio board, 1 USB power supply and USB-B cable, 1 USB programming cable MIcro-USB.

Ater the first badge there will be another one, but this will take some month until the new PCBs are ready.

Regards, Holger


Hi Holger
I am really interested in your project: let me know when you fix the price !!!
I am not able to weld but I can only assemble pcs.

I love me too those general purpose cases .


Hi @piattica,

sorry, but soldering will be a really necessary for this project. Also the kit will not have a case, but you can build one by your own.

The current state is:

  • I am still waiting for the LCDs to arrive
  • I need some time for making a video with audio part from MicroDexed
  • I need to write a manual for building the MicroDexed

Regards, Holger