MicroDexed - DX7 to go


FM8 is MicroDexed^8!

MicroDexed is nearly full compatible with the “old” DX-7 (MicroDexed has no portamento, but 3 slightly different sound engines and less noise).

The DX7-II has a better engine and also less noise against the “old” one. You can also split or double voices (then only 8 notes per voice instead of 16), it has micro-tuning and some other smaller goodies.

Both DX-7 have 6 sinoid operators.

FM-8 has 8(!!!) sinoid operators, much more algorithms and features (AFAIK an Arpegiattor and effects). It is a FM-Monster and IMHO sounds really cool. But it is software… :neutral_face:

Forgot to answer your question:
Yes - (IMHO) FM8 can import DX7-SYSEX data. But with MicroDexed you currently cannot edit sounds (only with external SYSEX editor like CTRLR - but this is currently untested).

The other way (FM8->MicroDexed) may be possible but only if FM8 can export DX7-SYSEX format and only without the additional gimmicks of FM8.

Regards, Holger


FM8 to MicroDexed would be my interest so I could use FM8 as a sound editor and MicroDexed as a player.I would be pleasantly surprised if it can do that. I saw a project that put a breath controller and joystick on the CPU used in this project. Maybe I could integrate it, but maybe it would require too much from the CPU; we will see. I made this project to experiment with sound and figured to integrate the hardware pieces into one box and just run different software, but maybe it would make sense to add breath and joystick to the MicroDexed.

Regards, Len


Maybe this could work. You must have in mind that you only can use algorithms and parameters that a DX-7 supports. And FM8 must store the sounds as a 32-Voice-SYSEX (DX-7 compatible).

If you have an external (breath) controller which sends MIDI data with the expected controller number, it should work.

Regards, Holger


@LenR Perhaps JSynthLib is also a solution for editing? I hope this one will work, so I can check if my SYSEX implementation is ok.

Regards, Holger



I got my JSynthLib running and must say, that this is the first MIDI editor which is working for me on top of Linux. I now have FINALLY a patch editor for the MicroDexed and could therefore test the SYSEX handling (and repair it!). I don’t know if I got all the bugs fixed in the meantime, but at least the basic programming works.

What Dexed still lacks is receiving and storing complete VOICE- and BANK-SYSEX data. There is still no possibility to save parameters anyway. That comes next.

Regards, Holger

BTW: Dexed does now software MIDI-THRU. It forwards all data from the three possible ports to the other. Currently it is enabled by default and it is only a compile-time-option. This will be a configuration option later.