Microtuning in Zynthian-UI

According to a reply in Scala scale files - Development - Zynthian Discourse ZynAddSubFX can be retuned in the Zynthian interface if you “copy them to the right folder” but I’ve had no luck figuring out where to actually put them. Nothing in the file system seems conspicious, there don’t seem to be any significant hits in the entire Zynthian GitHub organization related to this and the one forum topic that does mention it specifically posts a winking emoji instead of actually saying where to put them.

Would I be able to request some assistance in this regard? I can load .scl files in ZynAddSubFX if I connect with VNC, but this doesn’t persist past a reboot of the synth.

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Figured it out on my own. Has to be in the ZynAddSubFX .xsz format, rather than .scl, and can be loaded as a preset in any zynthian-user-data bank.