Midi mapping box

Is this an appropriate use case for a zynthian please?

  • usb hosting to
  • remap midi between usb and Din midi to connected devices.
  • map one device that sequences drums on one channel to another that has it on multiple channels.
  • modulating midi I.e. applying random offset to a midi chans. velocity. (X42. Midi tools?), midi delays on specific chans, mapped to encoders.

My other choices in my head would be an old iPad running StreamByter/Mozaic. Or a blokas midihub (but this has no usb midi hosting).

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Hi @jollyDodger ,
I can answer some questions.
About USB hosting as OTG I reported in this contribution - Zynthian from scratch made by ToFFmashines - #12 by ToFF I use BomeBox for routing midi devices, more in the same thread.
Blokas Midihub conected on USB 2 port is recognized without problems by Zynthian. Of course only USB midi ports.
In remapig and midi chains on Zynthian Iā€™m not very experienced, but last two points they seem feasible to me.