Midi panic button

I get some notes stock and cc 123 does not work often
Here is my setup
4 channels with a instrument per channel
A push button on a teensy to change channel
A push button as cc123 ( all notes off ) for current select Channel
The only working way to stop stock notes is to reset the interface from admin menu.
Is there a way to assign a cc# to the reset interface option.?
Or a midi command to stop stock notes ?

HI Balam!

Try sending CC120 (better than CC123) to Master Channel.


A hardware panic button is a great idea.

On later kits with the four S1-S4 buttons they can be configured to send all-off, indeed by default a long press of any does this.

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This used to be the case, I think that now you can only assign one action to the button.

No! Change the action to, “UI Action Release” and the short / bold / long options appear.


Gosh, seems like a hidden easter egg :smiley: