MIDI-port in MOD-UI presets


I noticed that in most presets of MOD-UI only the TTL-midiport is connected. Is this right and can I, without connecting remote (browser:8888) change this?



Hi @Keeze101!

When loading a pedalboard, the zynthian engine will try to connect (if it’s not connected!) the USB midiports to the same input-plugin that the TTY midiport is connected to.

Tell me if it’s not working for you …



Not working: Nekobi, Noize Mak3r, OBXD, DX10, Dexed and more, some do like Rhodes vintage or SynthV1

Also often the interface gets stuck on MOD-UI and I have to reboot (or restart Zynthian)

I also noticed that MOD-Host often peek to 100% CPU…


Are you using the last software version (multilayer)?


as fas as I know, yes, but right now I broke everything by accidentally update via the menu. How about an extra confirmation…

Now I get

root@zynthian:/zynthian/zynthian-ui# git checkout mod
zyngine/zynthian_engine_fluidsynth.py: needs merge
error: you need to resolve your current index first

Please advise… :wink:

Edit: back online with reset merge and force to branche mod…


I think the best solution is re-clone the repository:

cd /zynthian
rm -rf zynthian-ui
git clone -b multilayer https://github.com/zynthian/zynthian-ui.git 

Remember to make a copy of the config file or other modified files before!

And avoid to update from the menu until i fix the problems with this … :wink:



Hi @Keeze101!

I’ve fixed a bug in the MOD-UI engine and now the MIDI-USB devices should be auto-connected as i explained above.
Update and try it …



Works! Tnx again :wink: