NEW ZYNTHIAN-UI version ready for testing: multi-layer, multi-engine, improved controllers, midi-learning


Hi @Zynthianers!

As some of you already know, i’ve been quite busy improving the zynthian UI software. It’s been a deep refactorization of the “engine” code, and althought it’s not finished, it’s time to share with you and get some feedback. There are some amazing new features that i hope will make you enjoy like a kid!!

These is the list of new features:

  • Multi-layer & multi-engine: Now you can create sound layers with any engine, in any MIDI channel. Yesss!! You can lay several instruments in the same MIDI channel, or create true multi-timbric setups, mixing different engines.
    The workflow has changes a little bit, of course. The first screen is “Layer List”. From here you can create new layers, select the current layer in the GUI, change layer options (bold select) or remove one or all layers.

  • Improved Controllers: Now the controllers show the real values, including decimals (this is relevant in MOD-UI, and will be in the incoming “linuxsampler’s effect’s chain”). Also, when the controller is assigned to a MIDI CC, it’s shown in the bottom of the controller frame with a tiny number.

  • MIDI learning: Currently, it’s working only in the MOD-UI engine, but will be implemented in all the engines very soon. For using the MIDI learning feature you need the touch interface. From the control screen, slide left-to-right over the desired controller frame and move the desired external controller. The captured MIDI-CC will be shown in the bottom of the control frame. For unlearning, slide right-to left.

  • Lots of little improvements and, i hope, better stability when the code is more debugged :wink:

These is the list of missing features:

  • Snapshots: Snapshots will be re-implemented very soon. Note that your current snapshots won’t be compatible, so don’t try to load. You should remove it after switching to the new version …

Those of you wanting to test the new version, first of all, update your software from the admin menu, and after that, login into your zynthian box and try this:

systemctl stop zynthian

git checkout mod
git update-index --no-assume-unchanged
git checkout .
git config remote.origin.fetch "+refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*"
git fetch origin
git checkout multilayer

sed -i -e "s/ZYNTHIAN_UI_BRANCH\=\"mod\"/ZYNTHIAN_UI_BRANCH\=\"multilayer\"/" scripts/

systemctl start zynthian

Alternatively, you can run this script:


It should work in a relatively untouched gorgona image. If you have custumized the UI config file, your changes will be lost, so you should save a copy before.

And that’s all. I will be waiting your feedback! :wink:


Official RBPi TouchScreen 7"
MIDI-port in MOD-UI presets

I’m trying it at the moment and it’s very cool! Even if I don’t really know how it’s working, I managed to have a piano + zynadd !


Hi @jofemodo

very nice features! I tried a little bit at saturday. There was a problem with when following your instructions above. I will send the excat problem the next days. Currently I have not much time for Zynthian :frowning: Will post some experiences the next days.

Regards, Holger


Hi @C0d3man!

Yes. If you have modified the config file probably you will have problems. Perhaps you should restore the original file before trying to update.

In the next release i will fix this kind of problems by moving the config file to “/etc” or some place out of git control.



Hi! I had the same problem.
Solved by:

git checkout HEAD^ path_to/


Hi @jofemodo today i try the NEW ZYNTHIAN-UI version and i found it very interesting…
I try to use different instruments on the same midi channel and also different instrumens from different engine…fantastic!!!..
But sometimes the sistem crash (intruments continue to generate sound)
the same thing happens sometimes switching from one midi ch to another with different engine on different channel.
If i put different sound on different midi ch from the same engine the system is more stable.
Also …when using test midi and i try to exit the sistem hangs.

This report is only for your information…the job you are done is fantastic!!!
Thank you very much


Hi @videobelu!

I’ve fixed some bugs. Update, try again. I hope it’s more stable now :wink:



Thank you so much!!! Those are one of the most important features in Zynthian that will level up the project and the use of it. I’ve been far from the community due to real life, but how many progress! I will update it! thanks @jofemodo!