MIDI shield on selfmade Zynthian

I’d like to upgrade on my homebuilt Zynthian… I have a Midi shield (which I’ve attached). I also have a nice panel mounted MIDI socket. My doubt is… if I use the TX pin of the Raspberry, will I create problems with the display which in my case is an Adafruit 3.5? Or this pin is free…
What should I set in Webconf to use this shield?
Thanks for any info.

I connected the shield … it works but if I touch the keyboard it moves the cursor to the Zynthian … I would like the keyboard to just play … not to control the program changes …
I would like to use the Zynthian as a midi expander to be controlled and played via DAW… But my knowledge of MIDI is less than zero…

Hello, I have the same one, I would have to do a test with it (I had bought it for Arduino). I don’t have time, but I don’t think your problem is difficult to solve.

Unfortunately for me it’s a problem… I know practically nothing about MIDI.
My experience stops at an Amiga 1000 with a Roland expander connected when I was doing pianobar and weddings back in 1990 … Now I only work with audio recordings … stop.
If you help me how to set up Webconf, I’d appreciate it. Thanks

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Hi @Lanfranco ,
in the webconf, you can track incoming MIDI messages.

wich cursor ?

Sorry le51… my googleian English is awful (imagine my school English of 45 years ago) If, for example, I’m on the mixer, touching the keys on the keyboard moves the selection of the instrument… If I don’t activate anything from webconf, then everything by default, I don’t I have no feedback on the page showing midi messages. For confirmation, I connected the TX pin of the shield to the RX pin of the Raspberry… Is this right?
Thank you

… MIDI IN is disabled???

I mean this feature:


and see if they are MIDI messages related to that.

Sorry I can tell.

It looks like your MIDI keyboard is using the master channel, that is used to control zynthian UI. Disable Master Channel from webconf or use a different channel.


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I still have my Amiga 500 :slight_smile:

Mine was an Amiga 1000… I made 130 bases with which I played at weddings and piano bars… in those years there weren’t any bases already made. Every base I had to do.

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Thanks Jofemodo and thanks le51. I have no feedback on MIDI Log… should I assume my interface is broken? I connected it with +5V, GND, TX on RX and RX on TX of the Raspberry… but I have a big doubt… the DIN socket has the two wires connected but not the GND… I think the problem is this…
On Webconf I still have the Midi IN port disabled… Thanks

Have you checked that Master Channel is disabled in webconf?

Shouldn’t 3.3 volts be used?

The shield asks for 5V and on the Dexed I used it at 5V.

Now looking… thanks

With the Edirol UM-2EX usb/midi interface the Zynthian works perfectly as an expander… but I can’t get the interface to work as it is connected directly to the Raspberry RX and TX…

Hi @Lanfranco, is UART enabled in /boot/config.txt ?

ahhhhh, then there was a secret move… I’ll check it now…


Enable UART for MIDI



I wrote YES because it is enabled… not because it works… Everything works with the Edirol usb interface… but I don’t have any feedback on the Midi log… Normal?
I think it is to set the MIDI page, but unfortunately I have no idea how to do it…