I’ve been migrating from Windows 10 to Debian 10 and to Debian 11, which explains my long absence. Any migration is a PITA. RTFM! It was a choice between upgrading from Win10 to Win11 or from Deb10 to Deb11. I’m not so happy with Deb11. ‘Where’s the Matrix screensaver?’

Also downloaded the latest zynthianos and RPi. (The RPi headphones still don’t work on the zynth. ‘What’s up with that?’)

My wife bought me an Alesis drum machine for Christmas. It’s so retro it uses tape backups. Takes me back to the Jurassic of synthesizers. (I got her a multicolor native american pendant.) BTW, tape backups can be saved as audio samples; no tape recorder required.

How are you trying to enable the headphones?

I checked the box in Admin, started 3 band mixer and audio recording. I downloaded the new software from zynthian site.