"Musical-artifacts" for the Zynthian community


What about https://musical-artifacts.com/ ?
Seems like exactly that kind of platform, also completely the open source/creative commons way of doing it. We can easily tag the engines there as “apps” and maybe introduce a “Zynthian” tag if we like, it’s searchable, filterable…
Actually there already are some uploads for Dexed, Fluidsynth, Linuxsampler and a whole lot for Zynaddsubfx.

Uploading Files in webconf
Zynthian Box with Audio-input (Audioinjector soundcard)

Hi @freeKey!

Musical-artifacts is in my radar from some time ago, but i hadn’t time to investigate/think how could we use it for Zynthian. It would be really nice if you could do this research an make a proposal. I move this conversation to a new topic :wink:



Hey all, I’m the creator of Musical Artifacts. There’s extensive documentation on how to integrate the site for creating and downloading user generated presets. You can read it here https://github.com/lfzawacki/musical-artifacts/wiki/API-Documentation

The page has examples for every HTTP call with curl to get you started. This repository has example projects integrating the api https://github.com/lfzawacki/musical-artifacts-api-examples



This is integrated into webconf now.