My coming up after over three years :-)

This are my pedalboards for Zynthian. Two similar constructions. One for home use and other for using while playing bass in my local cover band.
This is Arduino Pro Micro construction based on slightly modified Midi Controller Library

I’m not a programmer so this construction and its software is a result of trial and error method of creating things ;-).



HI @ejdzi!

Congratulations for your 2 little sons! They look strong pieces of rock-solid hardware … aahaha!
Could you explain to us how do you use them with zynthian and, if possible, send some :face_with_monocle:

Excellent! glad to see someone else is thinking along the switches laid out like a keyboard approach!

Which is which? and what were your different design requirements?

Are you able to select each switch with a booted foot? They look close together.

I’m sorry to responding with the delay.
Initialy the main goal of the first controler was simple midi keyboard to trigger bass sounds or sound effects by foot while playing other keyboards. I’v choose channel 5 for that and this is the way I’ manage my Zynthian sounds and snapshots. That kind of usage you can see on my home lockdown wideos on my youtube channel.
But when I’v start to play with my local cover band (i’m a bass player) I’v tried to make something more universal so I’v made some improvements:

  • I’v added a switch to choose between standard “note-on - note-off” behaviour and a note-on without note-off. Note-off is sending while pushing another key (or the same key second time) just before a new note-on . There is also a special button to stop all notes.
  • I’v added a button to octave changing (5 up - all around)
  • There is also a button to channel changing (pushing along with one of 14 key buttons change channels 1-14.
  • The button that stop all notes can be used to trigger program change with the key buttons (the same as channel). So that gives the oportunity to save monstrous Zynthian snapshots with subsnapshots with 14 sounds on each of 14 channel.
    Of course I’v didn’t do that yet but my concert-reharsals snapshot is rich because I’m using also a little midi keyboard on channel one with several subsnapshots to change on show or rehearsal situation.

My shame is that I do know nothing about all this opensource rules (github etc.) so all changes to the fantastic tttapa/MIDI_controller library was made localy and more - thera are places that I can’t hardly remember wat I was doing but all this things are working. I’m sorry.
But along with Zynthian this stuff working fantastic for my purposes.
And selecting switches with a booted foot (sports, not rockers boots) is possible and quite ok.

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Not using a repository exposes you to several risks.
The largest of which is code disappearing with no copies.
So build your first repository on github to back yourself up in a place with a far lower risk .

The next problem is staying in step with the master project. Adding the inevitable updates from Control-Surface will become a very manual job.

Really you want to work on a fork of the original repo, which can handle all the update stuff for you.

So that might well be the second repo you establish to allow you to check the changes.
You are not walking a path that many haven’t worked before :slight_smile: It’s a classic success problem, so congratulate yourself on your success!

I will of course be steal…, borrowing large parts of this with your permission, if only to hear @riban chuckling about me writing in C . .

Most of the repository stuff involves remembering exact names of things … . .

I’m new to arduino, but have the ide running with a mkrzero ( I don’t know if the codes ok on this device for some arduino-esque reason, but am pushing on regardless…)


Which arduino chip did you use? :smiley:

Pro microimage

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Here is my new Zynthian music exercise , if You please :slight_smile:


Really well donne :+1:

Really good!! Congrats!! Could you share the snapshot?
BTW, i just added your video to the wiki’s audio demos:


That is superb! The accuracy of the patches is wonderful, it’s also given me an insight into quite how Vangelis could have done it! The drums are glorious!

You have the first zynthian GX1 … :smiley:

What was the last element from the original track that you added ?
The normal question apply How many layers and what internal or external effects did you use? Which is becoming, as jofe says , the .zss file !!

Love the third to last chord !! :smiley: what is it …?

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I’m always trying to choose patches that I like the most from the huge Zynthian library, not thinking about special accuracy ;-). But if this is accurate so… good for me., but nothing special.
The arpegiator sequencer line is not generated by Zynthian but straight from Yamaha qy.
And as always I must admit that ZYNTHIAN IS GREAT! Great, flexible tool for great fun. Regret whoever does not believe it :slight_smile: Thank you all.
And exercises for an “one man band” to play live with all four limbs using all 16 midi channels at once is still great fun for me.
And off course I do not know what is it the third to last chord :wink: . Maybe It can be a subconscious slip of a finger to make the whole thing sound more interesting :laughing:
011-bladerunner.zss (64.1 KB)


Very nice, brought a smile to my face. Thank you!

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Maybe Vangelis traveled in time and brought a Zynthian back to 1982.
No strange purchase order placed by tyrell corp in 2019 ?


I finally figured out how the device has been hidden so far.


Curiously, we had a robbery of a prototype by that time. Our security cam grabbed this photo …


We can see in his eyes how important, vital maybe, is it to take hold of it.
We would almost forgive him…


I always thought he seemed a good “person”, so i didn’t call the police …


:blush:With a bit of shyness I would like to tell you that I’v recently released my record on the bandcamp. This is an album extracted from my live wideo recordings that I presented you few month back.
As I said before (and as you can see on my youtube channel) this is music performed entirely live using Zynthian synthesizers and a YamahaQY sequencer.
Please feel free to listen or download the entire album, if you like.

The most interesting thing is that this is probably the first bandcamp release tagged with “Zynthian”. :smiley: