My coming up after over three years :-)

Hi All,
I’m here with you for over three years. I know almost nothing about coding but over the years I’m trying to live with my music using zynthian. lately i’m plaing bass in my cover band along with using self made bass pedal attaching to zynthian. But now while everybody doing this home made solo shows I have tried too :grin:. This is my live electron music fragment from my bedroom. All hands and foots playing is zynthian. The rest is Yamaha qy70. Thanks you all. Adam.


Ohhh! Nice performance!
Now you are part of zynthian video demos on the wiki:


Thanks a lot for sharing!! … and send more videos, please!!

Well done! Thanks for taking the time to share it.

What do you use for the percussion track ?
I am trying to figure that out. Right now I record loops. What are you controlling with the pedals ? Great performance, the tune sounds like it should be used for a Space Sci Fi Movie.

What dou you use for Midi Loops ? A MOD-UI plug-in ? I have been using the Midi recorder and building multi track loops that way.

Nice track… I like the opening in vangelisian style…

Thanks for your kindly words.
This set is my idea for non-computer one-man electronic music - live.
Loops and percusions are made with old fantastic yamaha qy70 sequencer controling by foot self-made sysex controler (arduino).
Another one octave foot controler is arduino-micro based and controling one of the Zynthian midi channels along with standard midi keyboards on others channels.
There is a snapshot with several sounds:
2#ZY>Strings/Strings Pad6
4#ZY>net-wisdom/Prophet horn 1
5#ZY>net-wisdom/Vangelis Saw - A
7#ZY>Pads/Resonance Pad1
11#FS>FluidR3 GS/Wind Chimes
12#ZY>net-wisdom/Rising bleeps
16#JV/ZynEcho>None/Echo 3

After all Zynthian is FANTASTIC!! Thanx!!

Regards. Adam


So there is another fragment of my live solo electron music. :grin:
Zynthian and Yamaha qy70
Regards. Adam


Are there any pictures available, of your Zyntian ? I looks interesting, for what I believe I see…

Yes, it is very interesting. In fact, it is a great treasure! :wink: Check this (ancient) post:

Ah ah !! Yes !! Amazing…
Though I guess there are 2 encoders which might be tricky to find and use…
Well… maybe not, after all… when you’re used to…
Thanx @Jtunes for showing…

Excellent!! And to me it’s very JMJ-ish which is just great! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Thank you All. Thanks for this old foto recall.
I think that I am the biggest Zynthian fan and user in Poland but If anybody here is from my country please tell me.
Actually I’v got two Zynthians. One is this precious box for a home use and another is simpler one without encoders and I’m using it in my cover band in whitch I’m playing bas, bas pedals (feet keyboard made by myself) and a little midi keyboard.
The Zynthian is great Idea and great Realisation. I love It and I love to use it. This is pure fun :grinning:
I don’t have enough courage to bother You All by my music, but I still will continue to publish my bedroom lockdown live Zynthian performaces on my YouTube channel every Thursday for a couple next weeks. So Please feel free to look at it If you like. The next one - tomorrow evening. :smirk:Thanks for Zynthian Community and Your attention.



Well :face_with_monocle:'d…

Have a :tophat:

Do we know about that pedalboard…?

This are my pedalboards for Zynthian. Two similar constructions. One for home use and other for using while playing bass in my local cover band.
This is Arduino Pro Micro construction based on slightly modified Midi Controller Library

I’m not a programmer so this construction and its software is a result of trial and error method of creating things ;-).



HI @ejdzi!

Congratulations for your 2 little sons! They look strong pieces of rock-solid hardware … aahaha!
Could you explain to us how do you use them with zynthian and, if possible, send some :face_with_monocle:

Excellent! glad to see someone else is thinking along the switches laid out like a keyboard approach!

Which is which? and what were your different design requirements?

Are you able to select each switch with a booted foot? They look close together.

I’m sorry to responding with the delay.
Initialy the main goal of the first controler was simple midi keyboard to trigger bass sounds or sound effects by foot while playing other keyboards. I’v choose channel 5 for that and this is the way I’ manage my Zynthian sounds and snapshots. That kind of usage you can see on my home lockdown wideos on my youtube channel.
But when I’v start to play with my local cover band (i’m a bass player) I’v tried to make something more universal so I’v made some improvements:

  • I’v added a switch to choose between standard “note-on - note-off” behaviour and a note-on without note-off. Note-off is sending while pushing another key (or the same key second time) just before a new note-on . There is also a special button to stop all notes.
  • I’v added a button to octave changing (5 up - all around)
  • There is also a button to channel changing (pushing along with one of 14 key buttons change channels 1-14.
  • The button that stop all notes can be used to trigger program change with the key buttons (the same as channel). So that gives the oportunity to save monstrous Zynthian snapshots with subsnapshots with 14 sounds on each of 14 channel.
    Of course I’v didn’t do that yet but my concert-reharsals snapshot is rich because I’m using also a little midi keyboard on channel one with several subsnapshots to change on show or rehearsal situation.

My shame is that I do know nothing about all this opensource rules (github etc.) so all changes to the fantastic tttapa/MIDI_controller library was made localy and more - thera are places that I can’t hardly remember wat I was doing but all this things are working. I’m sorry.
But along with Zynthian this stuff working fantastic for my purposes.
And selecting switches with a booted foot (sports, not rockers boots) is possible and quite ok.

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Not using a repository exposes you to several risks.
The largest of which is code disappearing with no copies.
So build your first repository on github to back yourself up in a place with a far lower risk .

The next problem is staying in step with the master project. Adding the inevitable updates from Control-Surface will become a very manual job.

Really you want to work on a fork of the original repo, which can handle all the update stuff for you.

So that might well be the second repo you establish to allow you to check the changes.
You are not walking a path that many haven’t worked before :slight_smile: It’s a classic success problem, so congratulate yourself on your success!

I will of course be steal…, borrowing large parts of this with your permission, if only to hear @riban chuckling about me writing in C . .

Most of the repository stuff involves remembering exact names of things … . .

I’m new to arduino, but have the ide running with a mkrzero ( I don’t know if the codes ok on this device for some arduino-esque reason, but am pushing on regardless…)