New engine Jalv: LV2 plugins as standalone layers

It’s not an easy issue, as every plugin use different names for “volume” controllers. Some plugins doesn’t have a “volume” LV2 controller port, but listen MIDI CC7 or CC11 for volume, CC1 for mod-wheel, etc. Anyway i’m working on a good solution, but it’s not so easy:

Currently i’ve added the possibility of specifying (hardcoded by now) a list of standard MIDI controllers for every plugin. For instance, i’ve defined such a list for MDA ePiano, MDA Piano and MDA DX10.

If you know of other plugins listening MIDI-CC , please, tell me and i will add it to the list.

I hope to improve this system by allowing to specify a “LV2-native” volume controller, or adding some heuristics for finding the right controller in the plugin’s list. Simply try to find some “standard names”:

  • volume
  • gain
  • level
  • more?? :wink:

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Hi @Zynthianers!

Great News Again!

  • @mheidt has created a configuration tool for the new Jalv engine. The tool allows to enable/disable the plugins you want to use with the Jalv Engine. Thanks a lot, @mheidt!!

  • The new Jalv engine is now merged with master branch. Those of you that changed to “jalv” branch for testing, you should change-back to master like that:

    cd /zynthian/zynthian-ui
    git checkout master

If you didn’t change to jalv branch for testing, just update your zynthian software using any of these options:

  • from the zynthian’s Admin menu
  • from the webconf tool
  • from the command line

If it doesn’t work, update again. If still failing, you should reboot and try again.
If still doesn’t work, try burning a new image and updating. :wink:



Yep - I see, not easy to solve. How about adding a stereo volume knob “behind” the generator as a default for jalv? So you have a dedicated and well know volume knob…

Regards, Holger

It’s the great zynthian mixer debate all over again !! :smiley:

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Yes, of course. This is in my list too. :wink: The final solution will include it when need it, but i don’t like the idea of having an extra when no need for it.

Also, there is the need of a global volume. I’m thinking about the possibility of adding a phisical slider to the design. Perhaps an horizontal slider in the case-top. What do you think about?


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Have updated and while I can see the plugins in the interface, I can’t load them*. Have run the update scripts, and I wasn’t on the test jalv branch. Before I try a new install here’s the debug log in case anyone can see the problem:

xorg-debug.txt (61.7 KB)

*Edit: MDA epiano, MDA piano, MDA DX10 are the three that are working for me

The same for me…

Is this an external stereo volume pot or a software driven AtoD to Jack overall volume and if so will Midi be able to drive it?
I’m not keen on sliders they are too easily knocked…

the same thing happens to me

hi @jofemodo, if finding issues, where do we write? in meantime i write here.

  1. LV2 mda piano (at least i tried with it) if put on a second layer with different midi channel and correct clone on channel 1, does not load sound. it must be assigned to same channel midi, then re-changed to second channel, and now clone works. i know could have been unclear.

confirm to me too. same engines.

Hi @zynthianers!

Sorry for the “last-minute-bug”. I added a “last-minute-feature” and didn’t test correctly.
It should be working now. Just update again :wink:



Thank you very much…but for me the system hang on Midi channel selection (for those engines)

Same for me: hangs on the midi channel select. Here’s the last bit of the log:

ROM4A__25__VOICES =>
ROM4A__20__STGS_5THS =>
ROM4A__21__BELLS =>
ROM4B__30__..GOTCHA.. =>
DEBUG:root:ZCTRL 'Channel': 0 (0 -> 16), None, None
INFO:root:Short Switch 3
WARNING:root:zynthian_gui.zyncoder_read() => 'NoneType' object is not iterable

@jofemodo, the same for me. MDA piano and some other plugins work without any problem, but Helm, Dexed, OBXD and others - hang the device on MIDI channel selection step.

Sorry guys! Yesterday i tried to solve the problem from home, without a real zynthian for testing. It didn’t work :blush:

Now it’s fixed and tested, so it should work!! Please update and confirm.



Works here! Thanks for the fixes :100:

Now is ok thank you very much @jofemodo !!!:smiley:

Worked for me too ! :)))

already if it works, thanks