New Feature: Simple MIDI Recorder/Player


Hi @zynthianers!

I implemented a very simple MIDI recorder/player feature. It works in the same way that the Audio Recorder function. It’s the previous step to the MIDI sequencer … jejeje!! :wink:

Just update your zynthian software …



Bravo @jofemodo ! Working great ! Looking forward to see the further implementation


Fantastic! So many questions can be examined!


Yeah! Great feature, thanks @jofemodo. Now it only should have some KI to fix my wrong played notes. :blush:


Tried twice downloaded files via webconf…

Both Zero length :frowning:


I am looking forward to trying this feature. Well done !


i just tested it.
The download of the midi file is not implemented yet. What did you try?
In the captures you should find the wavs only.


Ok, it was implemented a little. But I separated mid and wav now and adjusted the mime type when you download the file.
My downloaded file had a size > 0.


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Ohhops! My fault! I only changed the code for “displaying” the mid files in the webconf tool, but i forgot to change the download code itself.

Thanks for fixing it, @mheidt!



The Zero length file was my bad. I’d left the Audio Recorder running and it filled the USB stick so no space to write MIDI files.

Anyone think of a nice way to prevent this happening on the SSD?
Otherwise we have an GUI tool that will render a zynth a little bit un-responsive (possibly trashed). It’s really an audio record whinge but these two excellent tools are very similar in concept.

Play selection on the GUI needs source (USB/SSD . . Network?) selection.

The actual Interface on the GUI perhaps needs some recording in progress indication. The zynthian Image logo animate makes it feel as thou the recording starts, runs for the animate and then feels like it . . . . Stops.

I can see where it’s going in terms of state diagram but from a user perspective I’d like to be able to come to a zynth display and know whether or not it’s recording without going to the ssh terminal.
It’s either a useful swiss army knife tool or the start of a file playing system . . .
Personally I like it as the former.

What MIDI grip of death are we going to use to turn MIDI/Audio On & Off :smiley: ?


Yes @wyleu! Some feedback about recording/playing status will be nice in the UI. I’m thinking about it, but probably a kind of “status bar” with some icons will be added to zynthian in the near future :wink:

Kind Regards


Could webconf manage a flag for a MIDI record dump zynthian state in some form to the MIDI stream at the start and finish of recording?
For every engine a midi channel/bank/program transmit at the least.

You never know they might match on playback at some later time :smiley:


You could try to select bank and preset before start playing. The MIDI recorder will record ALL MIDI events, not only notes :wink:


That’s a really great news…
Means we can load a multitrack file and play it with any combination of the machines that are available in Zynthian ?? Great great great…

Alos means that we can use Zynthian to record and playback our immediate performance ?? Great great great…

I just hope that there will a tempo-rate setting, that we can change, and that the recording will be synced to this setting… That’s the big problem with Pianoteq, you can have a metronome, but the recording will not be “clocked” or synced to the tempo of this metronome, so it’s almost useless…
I hope I’m clear… It seems that Pianoteq has a fixed clock, for recording, not linked to the tempo setting that we select… So we can hardly use the recorded track in any DAW, to have it synced to the midi clock…
I’m still not clear I guess…

If Zynthian’s recorder/player has a metronome, that would be fair… Even if this metronome simply triggers one of the engines…


Is this the wonderful world of who holds the clock…?


@jofemodo said, that the recorder is the first step for the midi looper experience he is preparing.
I suggest we just wait. :slight_smile:


Yes, I see that I was not so clear…
What I meant, and still mean, is ;
You know how stressing recording your part, is… You play as a god, all day thru, and then you press the “record” button, and everything gooes bad, you no more remember the notes or the chords, you play too fast, too slow, etc etc…
Pianoteq is ALWAYS recording what you play (The standalone windows version, at least…) and I’m really really grateful to the team for that feature… It means that you play without intention to record, and then, you want to listen back to the track, you can do… AND when you’ve been brilliant, you can keep it, save it as .wav, but also as .mid…and even import the .mid into your DAW and handle it in many ways… It’s almost useful (not too harsh ?? :grinning: )
, as you can decide to change the preset afterwards, or isolate the bass part, the chords part, the lead part, and give them different presets, and so on…

What is good is that Pianoteq comes with an internal metronome which tempo you can set… But the recording clock-rate of pianoteq is fixed… Not synced to the metronome tempo… It seemed to be set to 120… approx…
So, when you import the .mid recording into your daw, you’ll have to set the tempo of you DAW to 120, to have the same audible tempo… No matter if you were playing adagio or sherzo, at 60 or 150…
SO of course, in case you want to add a beatbox, a bassline, or whatever, it’s almost useless… It’s more than a bit harsh, but it’s deserved… Because one measure of your music will not match one measure of your DAW… Not even the half or the double, but something totally without any relmationship to your DAW midi clock…

SO… My message was, that I hope that Zynthian’s simple MIDI record/player will not have this issue…

I understood that this record/player is a first step to a more complex sequencer… And of course, I can simply applause with crossed fingers, as far as it is possible…
But my opinion is that a simple MIDI record/player should still remain, even when a full sequencer is present, so that we can simply, rapidly, catch “on the go” a musical idea, or just a gimmick, a riff, whatever… And to be fully usable, it should be great if it had a metronome, and if this metronome were fully synced to the midi clock…

The second great feature would be, if it were able to “read” a midi file, and record on another file, the part that we play along… Then one could use his DAW to mix them all… But at least, a significant metronome would be, to my opinion, a minimum…

Not requesting (well, almost) but expressing my opinion…

But… As my Zynthian is not already fully built, I did not try the record/player, and maybe what I talk about, is already implanted… In that case, forget my message…
Have a nice day…


Please use away. That’s the best way of us all learning.
The sign of a good interface is the ideas it produces and the zynth is great for that.

As I say do try the recorder and find ways of working with it that match you. Everytime you record AUDIO AND/OR MIDI you help us, just the insight we gain from what you might name your files and the size of your average is useful.