New looper


just found this

don’t know if it can be ported to zynthian but would be v useful.



Loopor is already in the (beta-)zynthian-repice repository. Forinstalling (and using inside MOD-UI):

ssh root@zynthian.local
cd /zynthian
git clone
cd zynthian-recipe/recipe

I havn’t tested loopor until now. Can you do and write something about in the forum?

Regards, Holger


will do thanks for this


works fine with MODUI where you can click the buttons with a single mouseclick but i think there are issues with double click when an encoder is turned especially on dub where double click clears all loops giving unreliable results.


so have hashed together a quick arduino 5 switch midi foot pedal and it makes this plugin come to life. lots of fun…

incidentally my foot pedal has problems with play/pause and record using the original sooper looper i think it has to do with the type of switch on the plugin.

anyway lots of fun
thanks again


Hi there,

this plug-in works quite well. It can be configured and used well from the MOD-UI web interface.

I still do not have configured it totally to be used from my MIDI controller (M-Audio Axiom Pro25). I can use its bottoms to do latch-type switches (sending pulses), but I do not manage to configure them to actuate as fixed switches. Its to say, I can “connect” the ON/OFF virtual bottom to a real bottom of the keyboard, but I have to keep the bottom pushed for the looper to be ON.

I will continue studying MIDI… I have so much to learn!!

Many thanks for the wonderful project and updates. I enjoy it every time I catch it. And I am making some people to fall in love with Zynthian… :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I will build a second one soon… This time using AudioInjector to plug my guitar :sunglasses:


Hi @AGordiGuerrero!

Can you specify the plugin and exact parameters you are trying to configure with MIDI-learning?
Have you tried to configure the keyboard buttons? I’ve an AKAI MPK mini and the buttons can be configured as fixed switches as well as pulse switches:

Perhaps your keyboard can do the same.

If your keyboard can’t be configured in such a way, perhaps we could look for a solution, although it’s not so easy. Some parameters are switches and some other are latches. They are different concepts :wink:
Latches are quite strange in Zynthian UI: setBfree’s “rotary toggle” is the only latch parameter i can remember right now.

Anyway, some trick could be conceived extending the MIDI filter a little bit … :wink: