New looper

hahaha, easy.
And what about 7/4 ?

More seriously: thank you for this in depth report. For sure a good looper would complete nicely zynthian.

Seven Teens?

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We play 19/4 guys, so please let’s try some more variations, than 5/4 and 7/8 — too simple :))

Also 6’5 beats (indian taal) and more of rare and exotic stuff.

@riban, I am so impressed with your looper adventure and exploration. Was waiting for so long to get a good stereo looper running on our little beasts (Zynthians)

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Cheers! I’ve had a bit of fun playing with it but the issues I reported to the developer need resolving before it is of much use. I did a quick software hack to fix the most critical one where all loops are cleared instead of just the intended one. If I find time I will at the code again and submit some PRs with further fixes.


imma try 11/4

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I tried ALO together with sequencer that had 16 beats in pattern. ALO saved only first 8 beats. 013-ALO-Test.zss (22.3 KB) .

Hi @ToFF

Your snapshot shows you have a pattern with 16 beats. You sequencer is set to 4 beats per bar hence this patter spans 4 bars. Your ALO is configured to loop after 2 bars hence all is behaving as designed. If you want ALO to span the whole 16 beat pattern then you can either increase the bars in the ALO plugin (page 3 of its settings) or make your sequence bars 8 beats long (Beats per bar in sequencer menu.).

Thanks - this dependence did not realized. I will continue to try and play with ALO looping.

I tried to get ALO working, but I can’t find any kind of manual. Just some hints on forums how it might work, but nothing really useful for a beginner.
I don’t know what the modes mean. Well, stuff like that. Did anyone write a manual?

Sooperlooper works fine. It has buttons like record and play. That are things I am familiar with.

GitHub - devcurmudgeon/alo: A Looper plugin for MOD duo is the GitHub page for ALO with some details on its use. Look above in this thread for my description of how to use it which is fairy comprehensive.

Also those of us who have used it are not using mod-ui. We’re loading it in as a zynth layer and manipulating it with the knobs.

Love to hear and see an example of that

Thanks for your reply.
I can’t find anything called free running mode.
There’s a knob saying reset mode. But it only gives numbers. What are these?
I’m running it as a plug-in. Not in mod ui. That doesn’t work on my Zynthian.

Sync / Free Running modes are automatic. When the plugin detects a clock it will run in sync mode, i.e. will start when it detects input and loop after the configured quantity of bars based on the clock tick, otherwise it free runs, i.e. will start when it detects input and loop when a switch is pressed.

Hi folks,
sorry if im not at the right place,
i’ve been looking at options to make some looper, and i found this:

Did you already see that before?

This seems pretty interresting, but i don’t know what i should look for to see if trying to set up that with Zynthian makes sense or not.

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This is interesting. We have a few loopers in Zynthian already although none of them are perfect. I don’t think (but may be mistaken) that this new looper offers anything more and does not solve the core issues we have with the existing ones including control of the looper and integration with the Zynthian user interface.

I think Zynthian needs just one looper (not the several it currently has). One looper that works well and is easy to access, configure and use. It is within grasp but requires some effort to integrate it. Volunteers? Maybe we can define our requirements here or in a GitHub feature request (e.g. #35, #37, new feature request).

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Sooperlooper is my candidate for this. Not the lv2, but the full server versión, controlled by OSC. A customized UI is mandatory:
A perfect candidate for the upcoming “user extensions” :grinning:

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Would love to bring the Looperlative plugin to this platform, but forcing people to use a computer for the UI is far too limiting. There needs to be a way for a plugin to output information on LCD display. The simplest would be if select control outputs would appear on the display.

@Looperlative , maybe have look at Zynthian user guide if you need to see how the UI looks like and how to use it.

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