New LV2 plugin: Arpeggiator from MOD/Bram Giesen

Hi @ll,

I installed the arpeggiator from Bram Giesen and it seems to work on MOD-UI for now.

Here is a small :face_with_monocle:

… made with MOD-UI:

This is the install script:


git clone
cd arpeggiator_LV2
sed -i 's#^PREFIX  := /usr#PREFIX  := #' Makefile
sed -i 's#^LIBDIR  := $(PREFIX)/lib#LIBDIR  := #' Makefile
make -j3
make install
cd ..

@jofemodo A PR will come soon :slight_smile:

Currently I got it only running with MOD-UI.

Regards, Holger


Oh nice… you might have seen some chat about arp’s in the sequencer chat… but I like this… I would like to be able to sequence and arp, I think :smiley:

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You can never have enough arpegiattors and sequencer tracks :wink:


I just found this too and installed it from source. I have had a play and it works really quite well. It can synchronise to MIDI clock and hence zynseq which it does very well. With the recently added MIDI FX it can be inserted in a layer - wow this is great. The only issue I have found so far is that it seems to only output to channel 1. (There is something odd about multiple Fluidsynth layers. MIDI channels work fine under normal configuration.)

Please, pretty please add this to the base build.

Proof it works with step sequencer, here is a drum track played form zynpad and some FluidR3 GM/Yamaha Grand Piano triggered from bg-arpegiator.

And now it isn’t syncing correctly… I have s inking feeling!!! When the fun stops, stop!

Actually - there are issues. It seems to jitter a lot around the clock and can be challenging to synch. More investigation required…


Now we are getting somewhere!

Dear @riban, it’s on the base build from a few weeks ago …
The lastest Buster RC-2 includes this plugin and the update system also will install it on older images.

In fact, i already sent some audio demo using it …



Arpegiator ? Mmm those are dangerous dragons to be mastered…may the Lord of the 5th be with you !