New PANIC feature: All notes/sounds Off

Hi @Zynthianers!

I’ve added 2 new options to the layer list:

  • All Notes Off: PANIC! => It sends CC123 to all MIDI channels
  • All Sounds Off: PANIC!!! => It sends CC120 to all MIDI channels

I’m not sure of conserving both options, but i prefer to get some feedback from the community before taking a decision.

Both options can be accessed using the Master Channel: if you send CC120 or CC123 to the Master MIDI channel, you should get the same effect :wink:


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it’s difficult to choose… all sounds off means they are muted or really interrupted? what happens to sounds loaded in memory (such as samples)?
I am more familiar with notes… and in cases of overflow or too much cpu, is for sure a good workaround to free up zynhtian.


  • All Notes Off => It releases the notes in the same way as a note-off. The sound is not cut.
  • All Sounds Off => It stop the sounds abruptly, without release or decay.

This is what the MIDI specification says. The real behaviour depends on the engine implementation.


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I’ve added 2 new “switch#0” actions bond to the new PANIC functions:

  • short click: All Notes Off
  • bold click: All Sounds Off

These actions are contextual to the “Layer” screen (you have to be in the layer screen!). In such a way, from the control screen you can trigger the actions quickly by clicking twice the switch#0 (layer).

After the action, you are back to the control screen :wink:


“switch#0” is named “CTRL-1” in the documentation:

It’s the top-left switch/controller, labeled as “layer” in the official cases :wink:


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And now try to boot zynthian and as first action press CTRL-1

game over :slightly_smiling_face:

(empty layer list)

Ups!! :flushed:
Try now, it should be solved.

Thanks! :ok_hand: