New SD image: Gorgona Omega

Hi @zynthianers!

The new SD image Gorgona Omega is ready to download:

It includes a lot of new features and fixes. The more important ones:

Thanks to everybody collaborating in development and testing, specially @C0d3man, @mheidt and @wyleu that have spent lot of hours working on making a better zynthian!

Probably this will be the last “Gorgona” release. We are working in a new building system for zynthian: the ZynthianOS, based in CustomPiOS from @guysoft. That will allow us to dramatically simplify the building process and will give us the possibility of having fresh nightly builds. Stay tuned!! :wink:

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How did you solve linuxsampler not compiling? Used an older build?

Yes. I used the last working build i have :wink:


I think taking that and compiling it to see if it works might have us a hint for We really need to zoom in and figure if its the source.

OK. You will find the code in:



I forgot this very important “feature”!! :wink:


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This was my first test two hours ago. many thanks! :slight_smile:

@jofemodo Is there a (new) mechanism which automaticly regenerates the files /boot/cmdline.txt and /etc/network/interfaces?

No. It’s the same mechanism than ever :wink:
That files are regenerated every time configuration changes or updating the software.


Ok… that breaks my ARP fake :frowning:

OK! I will improve this …

Many thanks!!! :slight_smile:

Hi @zynthianers!

I just uploaded the new SD image “Omega” pre-configured for legacy kits v1:



Great News! and thanks for the new image.
I am getting Newtwork erros
maybe torrent is the best way to download the new image.
if you have a torrent link please let us know!

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But you know, that the time was only shifted by an hour and not 2 years?

for some reason @ unzipping file keep getting error
I had try 2 downloads ( with network error at download - then resume )
see img attchArchive_Utility

solution to the unzip problem
if you are on a Mac and click to unzip you get an error at the end of the unzipping process.

to unzip open command line ( terminal ) to to folder, in my case Download folder
and use the unzip command


let it run for a while .

hope this helps other with same problem

any chance of a torrent? Doesn’t seem to want to download the img here . . .

Also have we lost preview select in the instrument list page? One used to be able to scroll down a the list of files without selecting one and a second pressed key would preview the file. Now you have to select a file and go into parameter page to effect a change.

I will prepare the torrents ASAP. This time i preferred to make an initial “Direct Download” distribution because it’s a lot easier to replace the file if some problem is detected, but after getting confident with the image stability, it’s time to go torrent :wink: