New PD patch: Zynscope

Here’s my latest Puredata patch. It displays waveforms on the screen. Controls are provided to set the size (height) of the waveform, size of display window and x/y position of the window. Once a synth engine is selected and the Zynscope patch is selected, you will need to use Audio Routing to route the synth engine audio to the PD patch as shown in the youtube video. I made some final tweaks and renamed the patch to Zynscope after making the video.

Here’s the PD patch (2.0 KB)


Nice, how did you install GEM? Via Deken or vie DEB package?

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GEM was already installed. I’m using the Aruk Buster image on a RPI4. I also have GEM on a RPI3 with Stretch image. Again, it was already installed on the image.

Got this working and I definitely like the position and size control. Haven’t managed to see any waweforms as yet. Does it monitor the output of the zynth or simply within the PD model…?

The PD patch has no audio. Load the PD patch on Ch #1. Load a synth engine on Ch #2, then long press on the synth engine in Layer List. Select Audio Routing and then click on 1#PD. Once you set your midi keyboard to play the synth on Ch #2 you should see the scope respond. I use Ch #1 and Ch #2 in this example, but you can select what ever channels you want to use.

Ok That’s got it !! Very nice…![scope|690x387] especially as a grab from scrot !!

Could it draw the routing map for the audio layers … ?


I doubt it. You’ll have to use patchage.

Never mind it was a nice thought… :smiley:

Patchage has real redraw problems on my rig . .