New SD Image Update: "Gorgona Edge"


Hi @zynthianers!

Finally i’ve upload a updated Gorgona image. Its name is “Gorgona Edge” and includes the latest version of software until now. It’s not a “new” image, only an updated one.

Only Gorgona RBPi3 version. No RBPi2 and no Gorgonilla. Sorry :blush:

BTW, I’m working in a new SD image based in Raspbian Stretch and i hope to release about Christmas :wink:


New to zynthian but i need some help with a basic setup



Many thanks! I am very curious about the new image. Just starting to download and seeding!

Regards, Holger



Thanks, @jofemodo. Really you have an endless working capacity.

Regards, Jose.


Hi :slight_smile:

Does the Gorgona Edge version already contains the RT Kernel or is it not tested enough for a official release?



No RT Kernel, sorry. Only a “modest” updated Gorgona image :wink:


Hi guys

I installed the new zynthian image, but i can’t access the MOD-UI through the browser (http://zynthian.local:8888/)

ps.: Zynthian-webconf works perfectly.

Any tips?


Sorry for asking, but do you have started a “MOD-UI-Engine” first?

I have no problems after selecting such engine…


Hi Martin @lod

you can install the RT kernel by yourself, but this is BETA - no guaranty, no support!!!

dpkg -i *.deb
rm *.deb
echo "kernel=vmlinuz-4.9.47-rt37-v7+" >> /boot/config.txt

Works nice for my fresh installation. The problem with the test RT-Kernel is, that someone has to support it (means: build new versions, test it, creates a debian-like repo). Perhaps I will do that in future… not sure.

Regards, Holger


Hi @C0d3man

I forgot to check my network settings :tired_face::tired_face:

Everything working perfectly!



Hi Zynthianers!

I just detected a little problem with the new image. THe Hammond Emmulator (setBfree) is not working “out the box”. But the fix is easy: you must “update library” from the Admin menu. That’s all! :wink:

Anyway, i will upload a fixed image ASAP …



Does a new image mean also a new torrent (sorry for asking - my torrent skills are the same level as my python skills…)?

Regards, Holger


Yes. New image means new torrent :wink:


Hi @zynthianers!

I’ve updated the SD image file:

It solves some problems with setBfree and also fix the configuration tool.



Ok, seeding from my two feeds.

Regards, Holger


I’m seeding it too (there were only two complete sources when I downloaded it)


I’m also seeding it :slight_smile: Took me a few days to get the whole thing


Thanks for seeding, guys! Please, keep doing it :wink: