New SD Image Update: "Gorgona Edge"


Same here :slight_smile: seeding from my seedbox :wink:


Please, can you be more specific how can I start “MOD-UI-Engine”?


Just create the mod-ui layer


Are you planning a RaspberryPi2 image as well?
I am asking, because my Raspi3 will be shipped soon and I won’t be able to test an Raspi2 image anymore :slight_smile:
Unless you say “Give me a week”.


No. It’s not planned. Only RBPi3 official SD images will be released …
But there is a “setup script” that can be used for build an RBPi2 image:



My Zynthian SD card broke so I’m trying to download new image but the problem is that the torrent has currently 0seeds 0 peers. Please help. :slight_smile:


Can you try again? It’s working for me …



Thanx. Downloading. :slight_smile: