New Zynthian build from kit - MIDI IN port not working

Hi all,

I managed to get my sound working (somehow?) New Zynthian build from kit -- No sound, wifi doesn't work

But now I can’t get the MIDI IN port to work. It’s receiving data because I can see the activity light flash, and the MIDI OUT port wired the same way is happily pushing the ‘Test MIDI’ tune to my Blofeld. I tried capturing input from my Midibox SeqV4, and from my Keystep, with jack-smf-recorder, but neither produced any events as far as I can tell:

root@zynthian:~# jack-smf-recorder -a ttymidi:MIDI_in p.mid
jack-smf-recorder: Connected to ttymidi:MIDI_in.
jack-smf-recorder: Recording will start at the first received note; press ^C to write the file and exit.
^Cjack-smf-recorder: No events recorded, not saving anything.

Sooo… not sure what my next steps are. Any help?