No sound with audio input

Hello, I tried to use the inputs of my Zynthian V4, but no sound comes out of the device. I read several explanations, but it doesn’t work for me, notably: No audio input - #2 by riban - Using Zynthian - Zynthian Discourse =wapp&_x_tr_hist=true
I tried with an unbalanced microphone and with a standard balanced audio source (both work without going through the Zynthian), but nothing comes out with the Zynthian (except parasitic noises). My goal is to be able to add effects to audio sources with mod-UI.
If you can guide me, thank you.

Hi @Melsiar.
I had a similar issue connecting my acoustic guitar to my Zynthian box. I tried to change input option in the audio levels screen without success. Then I tried to do It vía Terminal using Alsamixer command and changing there the needed parameter…that worked for me.
I hope this Will help you.

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Yep there is a bit of a history of alsa default settings coming up with audio off by default. Kinds of makes sense if you think about it but the upshoot is you need to turn non standard cards on . Is certainly the case with Audio Injectors. It’s a once only ( or should be) presumably some chunk of alsa context gets declared and life goes on with audio in.

It’s helpful to watch the mixer in zynthian when playing with audio inputs because you get to see the fine meters doing their thing as you play and it demonstrates the functionality of the audio input. I tend to start with a 2x2 gain as the default. There isn’t one by default, perhaps there should be.

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All the alsa mixer controls should be available to the audio levels control view in Zynthian. Webconf allows configuration of which controls are exposed on the audio levels screen.

The V4 has a soundcard based on the same CODEC as the HifiBerry and exposes these controls by default:

  • Digital Left
  • PGA Gain Left
  • Digital Right
  • PGA Gain Right
  • ADC Left Input
  • ADC Left
  • ADC Right Input
  • ADC Right

Since my last writings on this subject the labels have been changed to make it more obvious what these parameters and their values mean.

To get audio through your Zynthian you need to:

  • Connect a sound source to an audio input
  • Configure the input to match the connection, e.g. for a balanced microphone connected with a TRS cable then “Balanced Mono” is required whereas a guitar connected with TS cable would require “Unbalanced Mono TS”
  • Adjust the gain of the input to suit the sound souce, e.g. wind up the gain for a low level source like mic / guitar or wind it down for a higher level source like media player / synth
  • Add an audio chain (it can be empty or have effects in the chain)
  • In the audio chain’s context menu you can select which audio input(s) are used (Audio Capture option), e.g. for a guitar plugged into audio input 1 you would only want “system:capture_1”

[Edit] I have added feature request #917 to rename the “capture” in the UI to be more intutive.


Thank you for your suggestions, there is something better.
I don’t understand English well, communicating with you is difficult for me :slight_smile:

Now, I have the same problem as @bnret, in this message:

If I remove the jack plug a little, I have audio “in” working.
(This was not the case previously).

If I insert it all the way, nothing.
Does the Zynthian only work with a 6.5 jack with 3 pins (symmetrical input)?
I only have two pins on my microphone.

I set the audio in as Riban suggests:
"from main menu go into “Audio Levels”.
Find ADC Left Input and set to: “VINL2(SE) + VINL1(SE).
Repeat with similar validate for ADC Right Input.”
But it doesn’t work, nothing, no audio if the plug is completely inserted.
In addition, the settings are lost, because it does not want to save.
Indeed as soon as I return to the “Audio Level” menu it displays to me in CRTLE #2:
ADC Left Inout VINL1(SE) and for Right VINR1(SE)
It’s normal ?

For information, I have the following settings in webUI:
The V4 has a soundcard based on the same CODEC as the HifiBerry and exposes these controls by default:

 Digital Left
 PGA Gain Left
 Digital Right
 PGA Gain Right
 ADC Left Input
 ADC Left
 ADC Right Input
 ADC Right

I’m going to try to solder myself a cable like this:

Now it works with the XLR to Jack cable (3 soldered points). Thank you to all of you.

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It should work with mono TS cable but there seems to be a bug preventing changing the input configuration. Odd that this regression has appeared in stable release.

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I think it works OK in testing. I will take a look if i can hot-fix stable or perhaps release a new stable with current testing changes.