Noob question. Passive Bass effects units

I have the latest zynthian 4.4 and already get it to work using usb midi keyboard to play organ etc…

However, I now want to use it with my passive electric bass as effects pedal, but it is unclear to me how to get any sound out of it.

I am beginner with bass as well.

When i plug bass guitar in zynthian R audio input. And connect R audio output to speaker I get no sound.
The zynthian forum only gives instructions regarding gain for the hifiberry DAC, but version 4.4 doesn’t have that.

I am looking for simple instructions to hook up an electric bass guitar.

My limited experience suggests running it through MODUI and just run jumpers from inputs on left to outputs on right. Realistically you would want to use some effect, simple amplifier, EQ or an amplifier/cabinet as a start.

Hello and welcome to the world of zynthian!

As suggested MOD-UI can help to create a routing of your liking quite easily.

On the device itself a good start is to just add an fx layer and use a gain as effect.
Then the zynth works as an over engineered volume control :wink:

Edit: I just remembered that a bass/guitar pickup is very low level and the inputs on the zynth are intended for line level. I have no instruments to test this, but maybe the signal is too low to get a reasonable volume at the output?

By default the audio inputs are not connected to the outputs. You must insert at least one audio effect which will connect the inputs and outputs. You can change routing in the layer’s option menu. Check out the Layers section of the user manual.

The audio interface used in the Zynthian 4.4 allows a fairly large adjustment of input gain from within the Audio Levels menu. The inputs are labelled ADC Left and ADC Right. On page two there is an adjustment of the configuration of each input. For unbalanced instrument level I set these to VINL2[SE]+VINL1[SE] and VINR2[SE]+VINR1[SE]. This sums the tip and ring of each 3 pole 1/4" input jack. (This also allows connection of unbalanced stereo sources (T+R) to each input and they will be converted to a mono signal.) See Audio Levels in the user manual.

I plug my electric (6-string) guitars directly into the Zynthian and add effects and amp simulators and it works quite well. The impedance matching is probably quite poor which can lead to undesirable frequency response and extra hum / buzz but I have generally found this to be fine. (I do struggle a little to equalize the frequency response to my liking but am still figuring out whether that is my amp and speakers and whether an extra eq effect may fix it.)