Oberheim OB-6 presets

Hi @zynthianers all over the world!

Is there a way to get hold of some OB-6 preset parameters usable in the OB-X?
I might aswell go to the point; I would like to get hold of the version that comes closest to the factory preset number 7 (broken EP), which brought my reflection to this question

A possible solution could be to make a good EP preset on the OBX, and then break the synth ?

Ok… sorry… I’ll shut up… (<< liar)

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Hi @Vincent,

just a fast guess:
The OB-6 can send SYSEX dumps? So a way may be:

  1. Get a SYSEX dump
  2. Convert it to LV2 (Parameters like Obxd.ttl).

@Baggypants (AFAIK) has written a cool tool for converting such dumps for Dexed/DX7 and others. This may also work for other synths. See LV2 presets & converters for Rapho, Synthv1, Padthv1

Regards, Holger

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Does the OB-6 even match the OB-Xd for functionality?

And OB-Xd already has an E-Piano patch available

It’s in the Kujashi bank, I’ll try and find a link.

Edit: I remember now, download obxd for linux from https://www.discodsp.com/obxd/ grab the fxb files out of the zip and upload them using zynthina webconfig which converts them to lv2 presets.


Thanks @C0d3man and @Baggypants, this is all very helpful. As you might have noticed I really am interested in simple, ‘level 1’ usability issues such as presets, classifications, finding how to reproduce certain sounds and so on.
To achieve such simplicity I need to find the quickest way to locate folders, sounds etc. The ‘per type / style’ classification that other zynthianers are working on is a helpful way to locate ‘sounds’ but a direct copy of factory presets would be simply fantastic (even if I must admit that finding a OB 6 preset on a OBX emulator isn’t exactly the way to go :woozy_face:)

But, once again, thanks so much for the help, I will try to look into these issues even though the whole programming side still seems very difficult for me.

I’m confused, are you going to load in the preset files I found like I suggested?


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Alright, pretending to be a real programmer here ‘did you merge this to the master branch?’
I mean, is this the way it works ? I guess it is, zynthian being open source and all, you simply ‘prepared’ a file in the OBXD ‘area’ for me and other users to download, or is this already there when I upgrade the software?
At least this gives you an idea of my noob level :worried:

Can you get files out of a zip file? Because that’s the complicated part.

Yes I can unzip and unrar, but how to find the files? Are those .l2v files, and can I ‘inject’ them in the Zynthian afterwards ?

  1. Grab the zip from the link I posted above https://www.discodsp.com/obxd/ (Click on the penguin)
  2. Find in the zip any files that end in fxb They are in a folder somewhere
  3. Load up the Zynth web interface and navigate to Library >
    Presets & soundfonts
  4. Choose obxd in the dropdown.
  5. Click the button that says “Upload fxb” to upload the fxb files you got out of the zip file.
  6. Play the new patches
  7. You can stop reading this now
  8. I said… look… you can STOP
  9. What?
  10. OK, there are more fxb files at kvraudio
  11. That’s it.
  12. We’re done! I have no more.
  13. I mean it!
  1. First of all, thanks
    2.I will try this tonight
    3.Or tomorrow, possibly
    4.I will tell you how it went (ofcourse ! )
  1. :face_with_monocle:

Hi @Vincent!

Do you own one of those precious OB-6? Lucky you, man!! :wink:

If you manage to export/get the presets to a known format (fxb, sysx) we could try to make them work with OBX-D, although probably some parameter will be lost on the conversion.


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Oh no, I don’t, I’m sorry…I don’t have the level of playing (hmm, same as the guitar now I think of it :thinking:)
It’s just that I love the sound, and would like to reproduce some of it in my setup. The OB reminds me of the E.L.O. and Grandaddy too, even if those bands maybe never even used Smith synths.
Anyway thanks for joining in, and thanks for the precious backup

@Baggypants it worked (I knew I had it in me all along :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)…thanks, truckloads of useful presets here!
Funny enough the one i found that came the closest to the OB-6 007 preset is in the same Kujashi folder (Depeche_Lead). Although the Zynthian is struggling with these engines (clicks and warning signs) they sound very nice.



OB-Xd does struggle on a pi3 with some patches. You can go to the voices page and usually lower the number of voices at the expense of polyphony to help. Or switch to a pi4 in which case it’s flawless.

edit: Also, well done, I’m proud of you!

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  1. :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:
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Eh eh…
And all by yourself without any help… eh eh…

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I actually did that, lower the number of voices…I saw that (around one in the morning) in a thread here by a guy names Rip Rockjaw, ah you probably know him…