Odin 2 LV2 Synth

Hi everyone!

I just found out that there is a new open source synth on the block that looks quite promising:

It is available as 64Bit VST/AU/LV2 plug in directly, but from source it should be possible to build it for ARM 32, am I right? The code is found here:

Maybe one of the experienced zynthianers could give an opinion how difficult it would be to include Odin 2 in zynthian?



I had a quick look at the build, looks like a fiddly build tbh.

Thanks for checking it out! I already suspected it may be more complicated… maybe I will have a look at it at some point, right now my skills aren’t quite there yet I’m afraid. :wink:
Thankfully, there is already a quite impressive synth selection available on Zynthian to play with in the meantime. Yesterday I was really impressed by Surge, too bad its prohibitively ressource hungry for now (with more than 2-3 notes at a time at least).

It’s a fiddly build specifically because the lv2 build expects you to be using the projucer gui, which means you either need to run it over ssh+X11 (a bit fiddly), have an rpi with a desktop setup (a bit fiddly), or cross-compile it (quite a bit fiddly).

Just to make sure I understand correctly, projucer is a development environment that I would need to install on my zynthian and access via SSH/X11. That doesn’t seem so bad… Once the plugin is compiled it wouldn’t require the gui anymore, right? The LV2 exposes all its controls to zynthian, which I assume needs some configuration? Sorry for the dumb questions, never compiled an audio plugin before.

That’s exactly right.

Just bumped into a really good review of this synth

and looked at the github repo, it seems like there’s a makefile now for linux, maybe it’s worth looking at?

Getting more synths into zynthian is something that gives me mixed feelings, as i feel that more is not necessarily better and that we already have an astounding amount of options, Having said that is plugins like this one, that are nicely maintained and somewhat more current, that might attract more users or allow current users to get more out of their devices.

just a quick thought


Raspberry Pi users should indirectly benefit from Apple’s shift to ARM based desktop computer processors, as plugins are optimized to run natively on the new Macs.

KVR: ARM updates galore beta round 01

This is the relevent issue for building odin2 on linux and, by extension, zythian.


I just checked the link and it seems that they have moved to CMake, so building the LV2 should be easy now. I will test.



OK! It works quite nicely!!

The mandatory :face_with_monocle::

(the solo lead is from odin2)

@riban, how about thinking of integrating this after releasing the stable-2211? :nerd_face:

Of course, we should port the factory presets to LV2, group the controllers, add the scale points, etc. As i’m tired of doing this (it’s quite boring), please guys, consider stepping forward and doing the task. It’s not a programming task. Only repeatitive and boring!



Gosh! He really knows how to sell a job!!! :rofl:


Ok ! I want to try!

But it’s always the same, I don’t know how to do it, which files I have to edit, etc…
is there a wiki?

Maybe it can be easier if Odin is integrated directly into the Stage version, and I only have to edit files?

Edit : I just tested it in my DAW. it’s pretty impressive, pretty interesting analog sound, and all the filters are pretty cool (moog, korg style), I love the ring modulator.
This synth is really complete, it really needs a good workflow, there are so many options!

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Regarding exporting the presets, the procedure is already documented here:

Regarding grouping parameters and adding scale points, you could try reading this:

and taking a look to the existing examples in zynthian-data/lv2-custom, for instance:


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BTW, odin2 is a beast! I’m enjoying like a chimp with its native GUI, and it’s working really fast and stable. It will be in testing very soon! :grin:

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Thanks for your answer it’s clear now !

I’m waiting for the LV2 Odin to be implemented, to try to modify the TTL or at least add presets to Zynthian GUI.
Can’t wait to test the synth on Zynthian, as you say it’s clearly a beast.

If it doesn’t take too many resources, it can be a very good synth for Zynthian.
With OBXD, Noise Maker, ZynAddSub, Dexed and now Odin, we have high quality synths


It’s already added. My fingers were so fast, that i accidentally added Odin2 to the stable branch. I’m so sorry about that! I know people will hate me for this unwise behaviour!! :innocent:

Simply update and enjoy!!

Note: After updating, don’t forget to click “Search for new plugins and presets” from the webconf’s LV2 panel!!

Note2: Having the factory presets has higher priority than grouping the parameters. Proceed bank by bank, so we can overview your work and give you some feedback.

Note3: Devil is in details, mate



I’ve built the first bank so you have a good reference:

Odin2_Arps_and_Seqs.lv2.zip (460.2 KB)

I’ve used this script:

create_lv2_bundle_bank_odin2.sh (2.0 KB)

Steps for building a bank:

  1. Create a folder for the bank

  2. Save every preset on the created folder. You have to typewrite the preset name in the dialog. Only the preset name!! Jalv will generate the lv2 bundle from this, adding the “Odin2_” prefix and replacing characters as needed.

  3. When all presets in the bank are saved, copy the script to the folder and run it like this:

    ./create_lv2_bundle_bank_odin2.sh NONE "bank_name"

  4. A new bundle LV2 directory will be created with the presets grouped in a bank.

  5. Repeat for every factory bank (except for Arps & Seqs, obviously!!)



I updated with new stable version from yesterday, then did “check for software updates”, clicked in webconf (Android chrome) “Search for new plugins and presets” and after a while (some minutes) My Zynthian Kit reboots. Is it normal behaviour? And also I can’t find this new Odin synth in LV2 list to enable. Sorry.
Update: found Odin2 in list now to enable. Sounds very interesting. Thx for build it in :+1:

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I built the “Atmospheres” bank.
Tell me if it’s OK or not.
I will continue for 2 or 3 banks, maybe more if i have time !

Odin2_Atmospheres.lv2.zip (408.7 KB)

For most of the presets, I reduced the number of unisson voices, It takes a lot of CPU.
In the Odin’s Manual, it say :

Since the implementation of Unison in Odin 2 literally triggers multiple
voices, using high Unison counts uses lots of CPU time. Use it with care, if
you run into performance issues, you can always bounce the track to audio in
your DAW

And I changed for some presets : “Poly” to “Legato” (Mono) mode, when Xruns often appeared

I think for Zynthian use, we have to use this synth mostly in Mono mode (Legato or Retrig) and avoid Unisson mode. We have to build the presets with Xruns in minds.