Pedalboard build : best practice for encoder and switch breakout?

Good idea. I have asked.

It would be nice to work out if anyone has implemented LED feedback when S1-S4 are pressed because that would be a nice “quick glance” feature

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Yes, of course. Please, tell me where did you see the outdated schematic and i will update it ASAP .

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There has been a little discussion but more from the perspective of LED status display ( Jack Xruns, MIDI note that sort of thing …) .

We have tenxded to concentrate on info in… There is a flying fader set up for the Motor 61 which does it thou’ MIDI so I would expect that that would probably be the simplest implementation. So I press Zynth soft Switch 2 —> Zynthian as a webconf config. Then if we declare a set of MIDI status messages these could be re-interpreted as LED’s on and OFF but I’ve got a bit of an obsession with Zynth encoder and switch functionality over MIDI for my pedalboard control panel which I would love to do purely as USB MIDI at the moment…

That would allow passing this sort of stuff across networks of zynths in a sensible sort of way, but there is a certain amount of definition of controller & controlled devices to make that sort of thing work without getting your coding fingers dirty at the moment.

It’s also something I consider essential for the switches on the Pedal board. As a which patch is selected sort of thing at the very least.

Yes, of course. Please, tell me where did you see the outdated schematic and i will update it ASAP

Its in the store photo here

And I begin! Ruggedised stomp box in a Hammond case is a go-ahead. Sadly the shipping costs for 4 x Encoder boards and 1 x All-in-One were a bit prohibitive as the order was 45EUR for just 5x PCBs so I’m using the Gerbers in the Git Repo to make my own, piggybacked onto a batch of boards for some stomp boxes, it costs peanuts this way as its tiled into unused space.

Still wondering about fitting LED rings and sorting out latching lighting later, these things can be mechanically a pig to retrofit.


I2C would seem the best way to go in such a world. We’ve ( Well jofo…) played around a bit with colours on encoders and LED Rings …

we may be speaking at different purposes. I’m just looking for visual feedback that s1-s4 have been activated.


LED rings for encoders are for another day…

but in retrospect the method will feed into my research one the matter

I’m still waiting on a few parts but it looks like I’m going to be able to fit everything inside a Hammond 1590DD case. I’d like to use a PWM controlled Pi Hat for cooling onstage/live but it may just be too much height for the DAC hat and the Fan Hat. Can cheat by putting a 3D printed shim to raise the top case by a few mm, but I’d rather not.

Out of IN5819s (which is always the way). Drowning in IN4001s.

(Ignore the 12V PSU, I’m going to juice it externally from my 9V pedalboard PSU and will use a buck converter internally to produce 5V/5A between the Pi and screen) but its the same frame size as the PSU.


All working fine and dandy, the midi LEDs are a little dim (or maybe I am being blinded my the DAC LEDs, either way , MOD-UI is up and running) Audio and Midi Test works; encoders and buttons all working now to check inputs.

This is so nice I think I might make a custom wooden enclosure and top plate for it rather than a brute force pedalboard. I made one for a DIY Midi Fighter based around a Teensy 3.1 a few years ago. Estimates show I can make it all ~35mm thick.


Those are magnificent switches, what size are they…? …

Do they light up…?

Standard 12mm hole SPST momentary (non latching to off) foot switches you can get from any guitar FX pedal supplier. They don’t light up but if I want to add an LED light to each I could, but with no mechanism to toggle them based on GPIO activity, I haven’t added them.

Retrofittable led lights here:

Sorry I was looking more at 16 grid buttons.

Just ordinary low profile 24mm dia arcade buttons. Seimitsu PS15’s IIRC. No they don’t light up.

What a nice work, @PunkPrincess! Big Congrats!! I can’t wait to hear your noize … :face_with_monocle:

Thank you. It sorely needs a case which, when this is signed off as done, will lead me into buying a Desktop CNC router (why I backed away from the pedalboard idea)

Will you use it on stage …?


Better yet, tune the router pitch to a MIDI keyboard, so you could actually play it! That would be so useless and so cool…

Building a few other sound devices while I waited for the CNC machine to arrive. Now here, been learning feed rates and bit types and materials next so cautiously moving ahead, but I did prototype the top of my Zynthian enclosure in 3mm ply as a sort-of proof of concept.

I do like the bigger screen,


This is great… I also built a teensy midifighter. I originally did it a few years ago and now it’s due a refresh. 3d printed parts are waiting somewhere between Europe and the UK at the moment. Updates soon :wink:

Keep up the good work!