Pianoteq: how to increase the internal sample rate?


Hello Zynthianers!
Since after the undervoltage/PSU revolution (see this topic On-Screen Status Info on Zynthian-UI: CPU-load, MIDI-IN, xrun, undervoltage & overtemperature) on my Z it seems almost impossible to cause xruns using Pianoteq, I would like to test it with an higher internal sample rate: apart from doing it from the GUI, any suggestion to tweak permanently the settings (and go back if horrible things start to happen…)? I’m also wondering about two other issues: can the HiFiBerry DAC+ PRO version potentially help in freeing some CPU cycle? And in the event of overheating are the self-adhesive CPU coolers of any use?
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I stick coolers on to my Pi’s as a matter of course. Can’t say it’s beneficial or not but it shows a little love. . . . .

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Hello @sadkermit and @wyleu ,

I use the Pi 3B + that came with my kit without an extra heatsink,
but I use the Hifiberry DAC+ PRO XLR with it.
According to the HifiBerry boards overview here,
the DAC+ PRO models only have a dual low-jitter clock generator of their own.
I don’t know how much it affects CPU performance compared to the internal RPi clock handling the audio.
Is there a testmethod other than the performance monitor inside Pianoteq to test it?

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I wouldn’t expect any CPU performance difference between DAC+ and DAC+pro. In fact, any I2S device should have the same performance. Using an external low-jitter clock should not make a measurable difference regarding CPU usage.
Quality should be better because of lower jitter, and measuring that could be quite interesting, but you need a good oscilloscope with spectrum analyzer :wink:

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Thanks @wyleu + @mj_prod + @jofemodo !!
Any suggestion about the Pteq sample rate?

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I suspect a fair bit is known about the Pteq sample rate round here . . . :smiley:

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