On-Screen Status Info on Zynthian-UI: CPU-load, MIDI-IN, xrun, undervoltage & overtemperature

Just update an enjoy :wink:


Hey, that’s very cool!

Do you think it is possible to do something similar for MIDI-IN-events?

Regards, Holger


Of course it’s possible :wink:
In fact, the canvas used for rendering the CPU-load bar is called “status_canvas” and it’s intended for showing useful status information … So … we could “brainstorm” and see what should be there :wink:

It wants to match logging status.
It could be another webconf advanced display config or it’s a benevolent dictator declaration.
Presemably it plays nicely with the undervoltage icons…?
I Like midi status up there. It’s a great sanity check in our world.

Great addition. thanks!

Hi @zynthinaners!

As you can read in the new thread’s title, i’ve improved the new Status Area in the UI’s topbar:

  • CPU-load => Bar
  • MIDI-IN => Green M flag
  • Xrun => Red X flag
  • Under-voltage => Red V flag
  • Over-temperature => Red T flag

The CPU-load bar shows the CPU usage as calculated by Jack:

This is a running average of the time it takes to execute a full process cycle for all clients as a percentage of the real time available per cycle determined by the buffer size and sample rate.

The green M flag is shown when MIDI messages pass thru MIDI router. Not all messages are detected. Only CC, Program Change and Note On/Off.

The red X flag is shown when there are Xruns. You should hear clicks and pops too :wink:

Finally, when the red V or T flag is shown, your zynthian is working in a degraded state, with the CPU frequency capped to 600-800 MHz, trying to stabilize the system and avoid a crash. You shouldn’t see any of them and if you do so, you should consider looking for a better power source (under-voltage) or using a heat sink (over-temperature).

I’m pretty sure that this new on-screen status area will be really useful, specially for detecting common problems, like the under-voltge.



That’s absolutely cool! Many thanks @jofemodo!!!


Also documented in the Wiki:



Bad news: After the new update for the on-screen-status I am getting massive xruns for Pinaoteq :frowning:

Regards, Holger

Could you reboot your zynthian and try again? My zynthian works OK …

We should be able to hide it…I even know where :slight_smile:

No, sorry… won’t work also :sob:

when I try to update today, I get this:

Extracting templates from packages: 100%
Preconfiguring packages …
dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting:
files list file for package ‘libatk1.0-dev’ is missing final newline
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)

If you update again the error is still there?
Have you tried to install the missing package by hand?


Yes, even after a reboot.
when I install it manually it says, that is it the newest version already.

This is weird as well:
cmake: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libjsoncpp.so.0: undefined symbol: _Z^4Nson1rtqledWriteR5uriTeERKNS_�ValueE�_ZNK4Json5Value5b�ginEv
/usr/bin/cmake: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libjsoncpp.so.0: undefined symbol: _Z^4Nson1rtqledWriteR5uriTeERKNS_�ValueE�_ZNK4Json5Value5b�ginEv
Makefile:298: recipe for target ‘cmake_check_build_system’ failed

But I try to update my second zynthian next…

the other worked. The former did update as well. I see the M.
Let’s see. Maybe that one will be the first getting the first ZynthianOS release.

Hi @C0d3man!

Please, update again and try to disable the status refresh:

/zynthian/zynthian-ui/zynthian_gui.py, line 943

Also, you could disable jack client activation in zynautoconnect:

/zynthian/zynthian-ui/zynautoconnect/zynthian_autoconnect.py, lines 388 & 389

If after this 2 changes you are getting XRuns yet, i doubt it’s related with the new Status Area functionality.


From the content perspective:
1/ MIDI Out…?

and just for fun . . .
2/ Build a state model that can indicate when there are MIDI events pending. Keep a track of MIDI On’s and Off’s display a symbol for overall parsing (Are there any dangling MIDI events that could confuse patch changes…, of MIDI stream of the current zynth .) :smiley:
With MIDI status reporting that’s probably as good as one could get it at the end of the day without running a microphone to detect the sound of the being played by the zynth . . . (Some one will do it :slight_smile: )
We’ve got the new i/o buttons to respond to messages in the status area, so we want to indicate states that the user can respond to. MIDI panic et al.

Nice! lot’s of functionality in a small space.

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Lot of possibilities …yes!! But let’s take some weeks for testing the current functionality and check that everything works as expected and that the current concept & implementation is the right way before adding more features in this area.

Of course, it’s a good moment for brainstorming :wink:


Just midi out really, but you did ask! :smile: