Picture "No interface available"

Hi all,

After a great help from @C0d3man i’m trying to experiment with the great software.
Some of the pictures and thumbnails are not showing.
In stead of the original pictures it shows the default picture “No interface available”.
When i click on a pedal i get the right information but not the matching picture.

I 've looked in the directory structure and saw that the missed pictures are not available but the most are in different directories installed. (Not by me).

So are f.i. the “Calf” pictures JPG-files i.s.o. PNG
The working Pictures are all PNG files.

What do i have to do to put all the pictures in the right way and the right directory.


Hi @Janr,

without getting some more information how exactly your are building your system (architecture, sd card image) it is really not easy to help…

They are installed by a recipe. The directory name itself is not really important - more the URI of the plugin inside the manifest.ttl.

Everything your browser can show is ok :wink:

The install script should install them at the right place. As I wrote without more information it is tricky to say what’s going wrong. It seems that your LV2_PATH environment variable is not set or something similar…

Regards, Holger

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Hi @C0d3man,

I’ve installed Gorgona and more LV2 plugins for MOD-UI

Also was your advice in Failed to install some required plugins the solution for the most pedals.

That’s all.
I’ve made a SD image of it.
And now i’m experimenting to look and learn more without destroying the SD image.

I’ve also looked if the expansion “more LV2 plugins …” could be the ones which ain’t visible but i think it’s a little bit random.

I hope it’s enough information.
If i have the solution of course i let you know.

Thanks for all.
Regards, Jan

Hi @Janr,

do all or most of the plugins have the simple “tin” looking image? Currently there are not nice looking images for all the plugins, so perhaps only the half have a nice UI…

Regards, Holger

Hi @C0d3man,

Currently i have a total of 561 plugins where 443 have his own screenshot. The Calf plugins all don’t have a screenshot visible which i know there are jpg pictures of it present.
So 118 plugins show the following picture

If i understand it well, some plugins don’t have yet their own screenshots.

For now i’m experimenting with MOD-SDK and try to create pictures by the bundles.
Tips and advices are always welcome.



The tin box is the default icon and you get it when nothing else is defined.

What’s wrong with the calf icons?: I don’t know. Have to check it the next days.

You can create your own icons. This is described at http://wiki.zynthian.org/index.php/Zynthian_modgui_Guide

If you have nice GUIs, please contribute them.

Regards, Holger