Problems with the Select/Yes function

With the operating system update, the Select function no longer works via the switch nor via the Master Key action UI. You can help me?

Which version of Zynthian do you have? Assembled kit or self-built Zynthian? Check Zhyntian configuration via web if anything has changed. I would do it like this… but you will see that Guru @Riban will answer you… and you will be on the safe side…

I have a V4 assembled kit and I wouldn’t know how to check if something has changed in the Zhyntian configuration.
I switched from OS 2109 to 2308 and I’m regretting it because the TouchOSC Template no longer works for me and I can’t even configure the switches.

Don’t worry, there are geniuses here… (not me) give someone time to read your request and you’ll see it resolves itself… Ciao

In reality, continuing to search I found a previous post that addressed the same problem (New note Commands) and thanks to this post and the always timely intervention of Jofemodo and Riban I partially solved the problem using Zynswitch 3 in the Master Key UI.
I don’t understand why instead of assigning the same option to the Switch (Zynswitch 3) nothing continues to happen?
I’ll try again but I expect…as you say…help from a brilliant friend!

It’s time to get to the bottom of it.
After various trials and tribulations I managed to map and make both the Master Key UI and the TouchOSC Template work for the main functions.
Guess which command I still can’t get out of it!? SELECT
Or rather, in the Master Key it works with Zynswitch 3 (nr. 93), but by assigning the same number both in Wiring and in the OSC Template it doesn’t work.
If someone could help me I could complete the Template and make it available to everyone.
Thank you

The CUIA API has changed. You can see the new “notes to CUIA” assignation in the webconf tool.

When you say “switch” you mean the physical encoder switch? It should work out-the-box. The latest SD-image is well tested in V4. Please, give more details.


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Be nice if that had a print media type meta type so it could be dumped to hards copy. The text doesn’t show if you try to print it at the moment.

I’m probably wrong but to identify the right parameters to assign to the touchOSC editor corresponding to the functions I based myself on the map of the Master Note UI Action of the WebConf (0:power off, 2:reboot, etc.).
In this map the Select command is at n.57.
But assigning that number doesn’t work.
In truth, from the keyboard it only works with Zynswitch 3 (nr.93), although with 93 it doesn’t work in ToucOSC.
In short, the final question is simply: what is the exact number to make the SELECT command/function work?
When I talk about Switch I’m referring to the rubber buttons on V4 (S 1-4).
Sorry for the simplicity but I don’t have the technical skills necessary for this kind of thing… I’m simply a geeky musician.
Thanks again for your help and I remain available for further clarification.

For completeness, in the Wiring section of Webconf, where I try to set the switches (S 1-4) by choosing the relevant functions to assign in the “Push” field among those available in the drop-down window that opens, neither Select nor Zynswitch works.
All the other assigned functions (back, layer, snap) work normally.

Update: For the TouchOSC Template I inserted the additional parameter 3 at no. in a special field of the editor. 93 message, corresponding to Zynswitch 3 CUIA, and the Select command finally seems to work.
However, I still don’t solve the problem in the Wiring section.

I attach the new TouchOSC Template file that I modified to make it functional for the latest Zynthian operating system.
It is a reduced version of the previous one, which I adapted only to the main management functions of the V4 interface.
I made several objects inactive and left only the ones that interested me.
Obviously anyone who is interested can complete the work and expand it.
I remain available.
Thank you for the various contributions (technical and moral) received on the topic.

MYTouchosc Zynthian.tosc (14.7 KB)


Read this, please:

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Sorry for the late response and thanks for your contribution.
This is a discussion I saw and you helped me resolve.
In the end I can now manage the interface both from the buttons on my Mk M-Audio (duly programmed) and via TouchOSC.
I’m happy with the result.
Thanks again to the community and Happy New Year everyone.

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