Qjackctl not displaying

  • ssh to Zynthian
  • qjackctl
    qjackctl seems to be running but the windows do not render in my x-server. Same if it point at a different x-server, e.g.
  • DISPLAY= qjackctl

On my Windows PC running VcXsrv (which works for other applications forwarded from the zynthian) I see two windows (default and connections) in the task bar but neither will render on the screen.

Many of you have reported using qjackctl without issue. Any ideas?


It should work perfectly fine with the Gorgona SD image.
If you are using a ZynthianOS image, it’s a known issue. Something related with DRI and OpenGL.
I forgot to open a task in the github tracker, could you do it? :wink:


Yep I’ve not been able to start qjackctl on zynthian-nord (audioinjector, encoders,hdmi) for a while now.


GitHub issue #107.