Raspberry Pi Pico

A dual-core ARM M0+ microcontroller.
May be useful for adding more stuff to the Zynth :grinning:


Ooh! That looks interesting. If only there was a way to buy one without doubling its price with postage…

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I had a quick look at it. Can’t see much that distinguishes it from all the other similar devices, apart from it being part of the RP support system.

I’ll wait for the Arduino nano / teensy / esp8266 / esp32 comparison articles I think!

Well if you are considering soldering SMD carving your own dies can’t be too far away . . .

Who here will be the first to buy the 600 unit reel?

It could replace the MCP chips in zyncoder modules.

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Now we are talking.


Nice! Ordered one with a pico (only one pico per costumer) to have something to tinker with right after the other dozens of things I’d like to play with :wink:

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Right… I did the same, because I simple must be one of the first to have one of these lying around on a shelf mostly

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What makes it interesting for me is the almost 10 times higher clock than that of an Arduino and it does both USB device and host mode. Very interesting for MIDI projects. I ordered the audio interface as well. Just £13.30 and if that’s true: Pico Audio Pack uses its PCM5100A DAC to output up to 32-bit, 384KHz stereo… Not sure if it meant to be 38.4KHz

Just laid my hands on a Pi Pico by getting a copy of HackSpace mag. from newsagent, which has a “free” one on the cover - at £6 the mag was still cheaper than buying online with postage, particularly as you can only order 1 each online at the moment.

Hopefully get a chance to have a play with it in the next few days.

Well it works.
Flashes onboard LED and does Hello World! via USB and can be viewed with Minicom.

I am using a Pi 400 as the “programmer” machine.

Once tool chain is installed it’s easy to drag and drop the .UF2 file to the Pico when mounted as a USB storage device. Once dropped, it automatically reboots and runs the code dropped onto it.

Will hopefully send a sequence of MIDI notes tomorrow via the serial UART and my little midi interface circuit to my Zynthian, for a test. Then will play with other IO features.


It just arrived!


Nice! I’m a bit envious because I’ll have to wait some days as mine just got shipped today…

And they are getting smaller: https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/tiny-2040

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And they are getting synthier


Brace yourselves, comparison videos are coming.

Well, it’s something :rainbow:

Now I just have to learn how to code an USB Midi controller (with feedback). Sooo… Never? :wink:


I got one too…

Hot tip on the feedback idea… Each light is a Modi note that your midi app (in our case zynthian) plays back when you press a key. The colour will probably depend on the note velocity.

At least that’s how I understand it on other midi controllers.

Something like that, yes.
But first I have to figure out how to send Midi over USB or just come up with some small Midi circuit