Raspbian Bullseye?

Beware there have been some changes today on the Raspbian repository. They may be moving to Bullseye (although I have not seen an announcement). Updates may not work as expected. I would recommend not updating your Zynthian until we can verify the upstream changes are compatible with Zynthian updates.


It seems that RBPi is starting to move towards next Debian stable. Adding the


seems to solve the problem. It should be fixed now:

Please, update and test.


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Now that Debian 10 Bullseye is officially released, are we considering moving to it?

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We should move on the next stable release.

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Just upgraded from buster to bullseye and the new GIMP had deprecated some admittedly obscure functions which are important to me. I had to “rollback” (pardon the Windows terminology) to buster. The same thing happened with RPi. (This has no relevance to Zynthian, except for another hurdle to upgrade and migration.)

Meanwhile, the pump controller on my water well went out. Luckily, I had bought a spare two years ago, which made it run like new. Rural Texas, no well, no water. The machine is 3 phase, variable frequency, 2 horsepower (~1400 W), the kind of power that can kill you if you don’t know what you’re doing. The well is 635 ft (193.5 m).

I love working on 5 V circuits. I hate working on 220 V circuits.

My wife bought me an Alesis drum machine for Christmas. ( I bought her a Navajo necklace, My value will go down, her’s will go up.) The drum machine still uses tape recording to save data. Hijo! I use sampling to save this kind of data anymore.

Pardon my verbosity, but I’ve been otherwise occupied .

I’ve been using my Zynthian for recording. The USB doesn’t work too well, but the SD holds a lot of data. I can wifi to the big computer and mix with Audacity.

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A Navajo necklace could have been Bully’s special prize!

Just updated my 64 bit Raspbian from Buster to Bullseye. Reasonably painless, but took a while.

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lol and a Colombian necktie for the F.N. Moron.

Finally had time to swap out and upgrade. I switched the 8 GB Pi board in my Zynth with the 4 GB Pi in my cute little desktop. Upgraded the Zynth OS to the latest release (64 GB SD), and loaded the new 64 bit “Raspian” on a 128 GB SD. The hardware swap took about 30 m, but the software took several hours of late night downloading.

But everything booted up and ran smoothly. :wink: It should be good until Zynth goes 64 bit.