RTP Midi and IConnectivity interface

I am using a mioXL midi interface and using zynthian (v4 kit) over USB or DIN MIDI works fine, but I was wondering if it is possible to use it with RTP MIDI? I saw some threads here covering RTP MIDI but I am still not so sure were to start. Maybe there is someone here who got a IConnectivity Interface to work over RTP MIDI?

Not much has been done with rtp midi the qmidinet mechanism allows ethernet connected zynths to talk midi to each other but I don’t know if the same facility exists forvrtpmidi

Currently RTP-MIDI only allows connecting from a Laptop/Desktop computer with several zynthians, but it can’t be used for zynthian to zynthian connection. For this i recommend to use qmidinet.


Thanks, I think I will come back to this later and check other things first. I have to admit that I have a lack of understanding when it comes to rtpmidi.
I tried to configure my midi interface as initiator and was hoping for the magic :slight_smile:

That would work with 2 Iconnectivity interfaces, if I got the right bonjour name.

I tried the IP Setting and it worked… just not sure if I somehow could use a name, I tried the one in the avahi config, but I do not know if it is the right one and it did not work.

A few seconds Pianoteq Model B (Standard) + Zynaddsubfx Pad played over RTP Midi with routing in IConnectivity mioXL Interface. But I will probably upload something else when everything is working correctly and I have a better understanding of the device, maybe with video.


How did you arrange the mixing for the move to the Pad?

I just used two different midi channels on my Stage Piano to play the two engines and used the volume sliders of the stage pianos to level the 2 sounds independently, this was just a quick 2 min test and I got to know the recording feature of zynthian, no computer involved, only to download the audio file.

Was the rtpmidi over wired or wifi?

Wired, and I did not notice a difference in latency compared to USB or DIN. But I would not try that over wifi.

Agreed ! :smiley: