Saving presets

Hi there !

I know there are a “issue” on github about it, but i ask it again. I think it is a necessary feature.
We cannot currently save presets after tweaking with the knobs. We can just save snapshots.
Maybe it’s difficult to implement into the zynthian.

But there are maybe an alternative solution.

When we look at the snapshots through webconf, we can access to the informations of the differents synth/effects values ​.

Can we download values ​​independently, and convert them to lv2 presets, (or just to .ttl, maybe better to make his lv2 bank) with a script or something ? and put new file in the zynthian ?

It’s strange to do it by hand, how i make it :

  • make a snapshot
  • look at the values through webconf
  • start modui, plug the specific synth, copy/paste all the values, save the new presets via the interface of modui.
    or put all the values in the vst version in a DAW, save the preset, put it back to the zynthian

I think it can be automized, and maybe easy to converting the values from the webconf into a .ttl or lv2 files.
any solutions ?

Thanks a lot !

Maybe add a button in the webconf, and when we click on it, it’s downloading the values in converting .ttl (or lv2 zip with one ttl on it)

I know it’s not as easy to create script like that, it’s easier to photoshop an image :slight_smile: