Show me your setup!

Looks great, thank you for the complete answer. It seem you have juste the right amount of physical and computed devices. It give ideas !

I wonder if anyone here has already tried to do a two display Zynthian, one with UI other with some kind of “regular desktop” (like through VNC display)

Otherwise, do you @wyleu use your multiple audio inputs ?

Depends what I’m doing. In truth this spends most of it’s time testing things whilst playing youtube videos as background music. Until one gets to studio like conditions it’s very easy to find justification for any amount of channel use…
It might well all end up in a 19" inch rack at some point but I would probably replace the aluminium bar I used for the device with wither steel or better still some angle bar.
I’ve found that for the casual disenterested user equipment like this is rather off putting, despite our personal delights whilst a large keyboard and the nano controller are reassuring if they always do the same thing all the time.

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I like to use a ‘novnc’ window to display patchage info while changing the audio configuration via Zynthian UI. But you have to be willing to hear some xruns and occasionally refresh patchage as riban pointed out March 24 2023 in this thread:

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After many moons, waiting on new version of Zynthian l’m trying to continue my live music excercises. Few years back ( If anyone remember) I’v made the live performances on YouTube channel (and I also prepared first Bandcamp release with “Zynthian” tag :wink: ).

Now I have new version of the setup. There is no bedroom desk anymore but a new, mobile, wooden furniture organ like thing with all stuff on it with only one wire input - the power input.

There is obviously Zynthian and old Yamaha QY, sound mixer, MIDI keyboards, DIY MIDI pedals, monitors and headphones, and Raspberry Pi 400 running Manjaro Linux with some recording soft (Reaper, Audacity) and refurbish broken laptop lcd.

And the plan is to perform some new live music once in a month and put it on YouTube. One piece of my own composition and one interpretation of some more or less known music (not exactly electronic music) as some kind of cover.

There is the first, April pair.

Please :face_with_monocle: If you like…




H i @ejdzi ,

did you read this:

Cause your set deserves Zynthian quiet well. Congrats


Thanks very much.
I was thinking about it of course, but unfortunatly almost all of my snapshots are little messy and the whole system sits (by now) on yamaha qy harmonisation engine and its rhythm section. But I will rethink. I think that I’v got at least one interesting snapshot without yamaha. If i will find a little time I will try to prepare something interesting for the contest.

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Integration of the v5 into my mobile setup:


Ohhh jojo!! The V5 looks really nice in your setup!!

FYI, the beautiful “electra-one” aside the V5 is one of the devices that inspired V5 design. We studied carefully this nice piece of hardware. Inside and outside :wink:



Very cool! Do you know Martin? A totally nice guy! The E1 is so powerful - insane! In conjunction with the Zv5 is a super setup. However, I’m still looking for the best way to map the parameters (MIDI learn or standard CCs of the synths, Lua logic or not… endless decisions to make).

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Hi, I would like to share my new short video of my live exercises on my Zynthian setup. I think you may know and remember this lovely tune. This is my version of Chuck Mangione’s song Children of Sanchez, performed entirely live with Zynthian prepared snapshot, using few of the same unique features as in my contest song (also performed live) Prayer. Enjoy. Zynthian is great.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Old Yamaha QY humbly accompanies on drums and bass.


For me… number ONE!

Nice to see fingers pressing black and white keys… :musical_keyboard: :musical_keyboard: :musical_keyboard: :musical_keyboard:


Wow - I like it! If you don’t mind the typing, I’d be interested in some more info, particularly on the two keyboards. I can tell from the photo that one is a ‘conventional music keyboard’ with two octaves and ‘unconventional’ keys, I believe. Are they commercial products or DIY, if DIY are they ‘open source’, ‘open hardware’? Thanks!

The keypad is a “Max keyboard Falcon-20”, it will most likely be replaced by a diy euroracked Keypad of the same form factor. The Keyboard is an “OMX-27”, which is sold as a quick build kit. after years of gripes about buttons, i have fallen in love with mechanical keyboard switches…



Thanks very much - and besides the keyboard, DENKI OTO had some interesting items, among them - a “rework/remix of the monome norns shield”:

I didn’t know those were still available.

It is interesting that the shield uses the CS4270 audio interface from Cirrus Logic which is now discontinued. Cirrus Logic have discontinued some useful chips including this and the WM8960 from Wolfson which Cirrus acquired in 2014. (I didn’t know that until recently.) The replacement chips have some rather useful features missing, e.g. Cirrus suggest using the WM8962B to replace the WM8960 but it does not have line output, only Class D amp plus headphones.

The recommended replacement for the CS4270 is the CS4272 which is not pin compatible. In fact it is quite a different design with software control and differential (balanced) inputs and outputs. It may prove to be a poor choice for Denki Oto to have chosen a discontinued chip as far as availability and support goes.


The reason for the choice of that specific package is that this is basically a clone of the monome now discontinued norns shield with added logic for a very interensting implementation of serial to trs-midi in which input is both type A (now the actual standard) and B, an the output has a tiny sliding switch for choosing one or the other.

The main norns project has a newer design with a non-discontinued chip but the still recommend the older one for simplicity as the newer chips require extra circuitry.

I’ve actually got a couple of Denki Oto’s gadgets (fates, an earlier norns board with suport for organelle/ORAC patches, an OMX-27, umbrellas, a rpi4 midi router, and some of his miditrs to usb and host2host midi adapters).

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…5 months later… We’ve tried-succeeded (more or less) running a ‘two screen Zynthian’ - with the UI on the ‘native Zynthian’ and a larger screen driven by VNC for displaying ‘Patchage’ and PureData patches.

I say “more or less” because it basically works, but sometimes the big screen doesn’t update when it should, and of course the big display adds some overhead so it can cause ‘xruns’ if you’re already pushing it. I never tried to solve-isolate the problems cos it was just for convenience and ‘proof of concept’. You could force an update when needed with a ‘refresh’.

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The version of VNC and associated libs used in Zynthian suffers from artifacts. This is resolved in later versions so we hope to see this fixed in a future Zynthian update.