Show me your setup!


I’ve got my room completely ripped apart right now doing a new thing, there will be a photo in a bit, few days, maybe couple weeks. Gonna be cool. :>

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This is my winter studio corner… then I’ll attach the photo of my recording studio.

Note the bills to pay hanging on the wall and the broom… :rofl: :rofl: :thinking: :thinking:


And here is my recording studio. Unfortunately here in winter it is very cold and to heat this room I have a wood stove but it takes too long and I do it once a week when my group comes to rehearse.


This is my setup. The StudioLogic controller and the Korg N5ex feed midi to the Zynthian, and the Korg output into the Audio Ins if the Zynthian as well. The UC33e provides additional midi controls.

I love the Zynthian because I can just flick it on and play keys, which I didn’t tend to do when I had to use the PC.


this is my setup and it’s now cold too. Spring will come soon in Germany…

Waiting for my Zynthian :wink:


Verry nice! Like your Walls…


My current (portable) setup:

Currently missing is my ordered Electra One. Also currently not connected is my MicroDexed


Very nice. Have you seen MiniDexed?

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Thanks a lot!

Sure I have seen MiniDexed. I put there initially the engine of MicroDexed (Synth_Dexed) and added reverb/compressor :wink:


Oof, I thought your name was familiar but couldn’t quite place it.

Now I know :laughing:

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My “floor” section

and “desk” section"

full description are on picture in Zynthian from scratch made by ToFFmashines - #43 by ToFF


My mobile setup is now (nearly) ready and will be tried at one of our legendary Saturday synth sessions:

And here is some noise I made with this setup. Sorry for some crackling - Zynthian does not have enough power when writing this recording to SD. Without recording everything is fine!


I really like the part around 1:10. perfect… :man_dancing:


I want to come to these sessions too… I’m leaving now! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cool! Next airport is Berlin-BER. From there with train to Berlin-Spandau. Sorry, no heli-pad nearby. You only need your Zynthian with your favorite setup :grinning:

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Is there space to land with a parachute? :parachute:

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Good point :joy:! Yes, I think this is possible. Be aware of the wild boars in the meadow, which have already torn down our fence. :boar:

For wild boars no problem … I live in the mountains and here between wild boars and wolves it is not very simple …
Just yesterday I found a fox mauled

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Bloody hell that bands strict on mistakes…!

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