SOFTWARE UPGRADE "Omega": Global MIDI-learning & Pianoteq Demo

Hi @Zynthianers!

Here we go with a new software upgrade: Omega, probably the last Gorgona upgrade.
You can upgrade your software following the usual procedures:

  • Connect your zynthian to internet. An ethernet cable to your router is the easiest way.

  • Option 1: Zynthian UI -> Admin Menu -> Update Software

  • Option 2: From the zynthian console (login with SSH):


The upgrade will take some time, so don’t be impatient, sit down and relax. And take a good beer :wink:

If everything is OK, your zynthian will reboot when the upgrade process is finished. You should see the new Pianoteq engine (demo version) in the menu and have the latest features, like the Global MIDI-learning :star_struck:

If something goes wrong, you can try again. Starting from a fresh Gorgona Next SD image could be a good idea too.

If nothing works, then you can wait a few days and try the new SD image. I hope to release a new Gorgona SD image in the next days.

The upgrade includes the PIanoteq demo binaries, so if you don’t tried the Pianoteq demo yet, you are lucky, Enjoy the playing experience :heart_eyes:

Read this thread for more info about the Pianoteq:

The other big improvement in this upgrade is the Global MIDI-learning:

  • It allows to easily bind any parameter from the Zynthian UI to any CC knob/slider from an external MIDI controller. I intend to extend the feature to other MIDI messages, but currently only CC messages are supported. Anyway, MIDI filter rules can handle these special cases, so it’s not an urgent task.
  • It works with ALL the engines, using the engine’s native MIDI-learning when available (and convenient) or the Zynthian’s MIDI-learning mechanism, based in the MIDI filter. To be more explicit, native MIDI-learning is used for MOD-UI and for ZynAddSubFX OSC parameters. All the MIDI-mapped parameters are managed by the Zynthian’s MIDI-learning mechanism.
  • The MIDI-learning configuration is stored in the snapshot.
  • You get on-screen feedback during the learning process. When you enable the MIDI-learning for a parameter, a small green text with the string “??” appears on the botton side of the controller/parameter area in the Zynthian UI. When the parameter is bond, the number of the linked CC is shown in the same place.

How it works?

First, you need a working touch interface in your display. If not, you could use a mouse …

  • Learning:

    1. In the “Instrument Control” screen, navigate the parameter screen list until having the parameter you want to learn.
    2. On the parameter/controller area, slide with your nail from left to right. A green “??” should appear in the bottom side.
    3. In your MIDI controller, move the desired knob/slider (or a CC-assigned pad). The green “??” should be replaced by a tiny number, and the parameter should change when you move the knob/slider or push the pad. CC-assigned pads can be very useful for “boolean” parameters (i.e. on/off).
  • Unlearning:

    1. In the “Instrument Control” screen, navigate the parameter screen list until having the parameter you want to unlearn.
    2. On the parameter/controller area, slide with your nail from right to left. The tiny number, indicating the current CC bond, should disappear or change. If the parameter is an engine-specific controlled engine, the number will disappear. If the parameter is hardcoded MIDI-mapped parameter, then the number will change.

And that’s all,



Thanks Fernando for this beautiful upgrade !!!
I try it starting from a fresh image …but the Pianoteq Demo for me is mute…the plugin start correctly i select a kind of instrument and it seem start correctly but no sound at all…
It is my fault???

open a x11 forward session (ssh -X)
now the application window shows up.
If he doesn’t find any audio, you might change ALSA to JACK
but Pianoteq should tell you, what his or her problem is.


I made an error when uploading the Pianoteq binaries for the upgrade and uplaoded the “license” binary. I’ve fixed the error and now the upgrade will install the right demo binary.

Those of you that already run the upgrade, please, delete the bad binary from the console and re-run the upgrade:

> rm -rf /zynthian/zynthian-sw/pianoteq6
> /zynthian/zynthian-sys/scripts/


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Strange…i try now to reflash and do an upgrade…but something goes wrong …

Please, can be more specific? The update log …

Anyway, we are investigating a problem with pianoteq engine … so don’t spend too much time if it doesn’t work for you. We will upload a solution ASAP …


The problem is not Pianoteq related…no one of the other engine is working…also a red “Error” is displayed …try to reflash

Lars has had this problem after updating an older version, also. He had to re-flash and update…

Regards, Holger

I’m having this problem with one of my boxes (an old kit v1 one). I’m investigating and hope to find a solution without having to reflash, but perhaps re-flashing is the faster solution right now :wink:

Right - Lars has my old v1-kit…

I try to reflash…the image before upgrade works fine after the upgrade no one engine is working…and on reboot the Error red appears…i have done the reflash 2 times with same result…in the log at the end there is an error “error: git-pull died of signal 13”

MobaXterm_192.168.1.64root_20180312_162221.rtf (311.2 KB)

Here same issue. BTW Zynthian V1.

Regards, Jose


OK! I’ve found the problem. The problem is due to some pianoteq check functions that are called when loading zynthian_gui_engine & zynthian_engine_pianoteq modules, executing the pianoteq binary and causing the problems. I’m not sure of what is the exact problem, but when these functions are executed on module-loading-time, zyncoder library is not correctly loaded …

So … i’ve commented the lines calling this check functions and hardcoded the values. In the next days we will look for a good solution.

Those of you already having upgraded, please, update your software again and enjoy :wink:


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Thanks Fernando!! Now is ok…also Pianoteq !!!

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Please let us know when new image is ready to download!